10 Facts about Dave Brubeck

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Let’s talk about the notable American jazz pianist and composer on Facts about Dave Brubeck. He was born on 6th December 1920 and died on 5th December 2012. “The Duke” and “In Your Own Sweet Way” are some jazz standards that Brubeck wrote. He is considered as one of the prominent exponents in cool jazz.

Facts about Dave Brubeck 1: the signatures of Brubeck’s musicality

Brubeck applied the contrasting style on the tonalities, meters and rhythms. The unique time signature was always seen as a part of his music. Moreover, he also had improvisation skill combined with classical style.

Facts about Dave Brubeck 2: “Take Five”

“Take Five” is one of the famous Brubeck Quartets where the saxophone melody was written by Paul Desmond. He was an alto saxophonist and long time musical partner of Brubeck. This piece has 5/4 time.

Facts about Dave Brubeck

Facts about Dave Brubeck

Facts about Dave Brubeck 3: other works

Brubeck loved to experiment with unusual time.  He applied 9/8 for “Blue Rondo à la Turk”, 13/4 for “World’s Fair”, 7/4 for “Unsquare Dance” and 6/4 time for “Pick up Sticks”.

Facts about Dave Brubeck 4: composing music

The music composed by Brubeck was not only focused on the sacred music and orchestral music. He also composes music for TV series. The animated miniseries This Is America, Charlie Brown and Mr. Broadway had soundtracks composed by Brubeck.

Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck

Facts about Dave Brubeck 5: the place of birth

The place of birth of Dave Brubeck is located in San Francisco Bay Area, California. He spent the childhood time in Ione.

Facts about Dave Brubeck 6: parents

The mother of Brubeck was Elizabeth. Myra Hess was the mentor of his mother when she was in England to study piano. His mother earned money by teaching piano even though she wanted to become a concert pianist. On the other hand, his father was a cattle rancher. His name was Peter Howard Brubeck.

Dave Brubeck Pictures

Dave Brubeck Pictures

Facts about Dave Brubeck 7: the music interest

Brubeck did not develop an interest to music when he was a child even though older brothers chose music. But his mother trained him music. Find facts about dance music here.

Facts about Dave Brubeck 8: education

Brubeck studied veterinary science at the College of the Pacific in Stockton, California. But he decided to change into music after the head of zoology told him that he was not fitted here.

Dave Brubeck Images

Dave Brubeck Images

Facts about Dave Brubeck 9: reading music

It was very surprising to note that Brubeck cannot read music on sight. But he developed great skill on the music notation. The university allowed him to graduate as long as he would never give piano teaching. Get facts about Darren Espanto here.

Facts about Dave Brubeck 10: an accident in 1951

It must be an unforgettable moment when he had damages on the spinal cord and neck vertebrae when he surfed in Hawaii.

Dave Brubeck Facts

Dave Brubeck Facts

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