10 Facts about Dave Ramsey

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The personal and professional life of an American financial author is explained on Facts about Dave Ramsey.  He was born on 3rd September 1960. His name is David L. Ramsey III. But he uses Dave Ramsey as his stage name. Besides working as a financial author, Ramsey is also known as a motivational speaker, TV personality and radio host. Look at the whole post below for more information about Ramsey:

Facts about Dave Ramsey 1: the purpose of Ramsey’s writings and shows

The writings and shows of Ramsey are very popular among the people who want to manage finance. You will be informed on how to get rid of the debt by reading Ramsey’s books or watching his shows.

Facts about Dave Ramsey 2: The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show is the notable syndicated radio program of Ramsey. It is aired in several platforms such as iOs app, on IHeartRadio and in podcast format. Moreover, the people in Canada and United States can listen to the show in more than 500 radio stations.

Facts about Dave Ramsey

Facts about Dave Ramsey

Facts about Dave Ramsey 3: DaveRamsey.com

You can check DaveRamsey.com if you want to listen and watch the videos and audios of Ramsey’s program.

Facts about Dave Ramsey 4: the popularity of Ramsey’s books

The books of Ramsey are very popular in the market.  They are included in five New York Times bestsellers.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

Facts about Dave Ramsey 5: the religious belief

The religious belief of Ramsey is Christianity. There is no need to wonder that he presents the Christian perspective in his broadcast and books.

Facts about Dave Ramsey 6: the honor and award

In 2015, his name was included at National Radio Hall of Fame. He also took Marconi Award for Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year in 2009.

Dave Ramsey Pictures

Dave Ramsey Pictures

Facts about Dave Ramsey 7: a company

Ramsey has a company located in Brentwood, Tennessee. It is called The Lampo Group, Inc.  The financial education is taught in six divisions overseen by the company.

Facts about Dave Ramsey 8: the media outlets

The media outlets such as The Early Show, 60 Minutes and The Oprah Winfrey Show are some media outlets which featured Ramsey. Look at CS Lewis facts here.

Dave Ramsey Facts

Dave Ramsey Facts

Facts about Dave Ramsey 9: Fox Business Network

Fox Business Network aired The Dave Ramsey Show until June 2010. Dave became the host of this TV program.

Facts about Dave Ramsey 10: education

Talking about his education, he had a degree in Finance and Real Estate. Look at facts about Daisy Bates here.

Dave Ramsey Pic

Dave Ramsey Pic

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