10 Facts about David Almond

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Find out the information about a British author on Facts about David Almond. He was born on 15th May 1951. From 1998, Almond has been an active writer. He has created young adult novels and children novels. Due to his amazing works, Almond receives wider critical acclaim not only from his home country, but from the international world. Let’s check other interesting facts about Almond below:

Facts about David Almond 1: Hans Christian Andersen Award

Have you ever heard about Hans Christian Andersen Award? It is considered as the most prestigious award for the children’s literature. Almond appeared as a winner.

Facts about David Almond 2: the debut novel of Almond

Skellig released in 1998 is the debut novel of Almond.  It was included as one of the top 10 works during the seventieth anniversary of British Carnegie Medal in 2007. The public vote at that time, ranked Skellig at number 3.

David Almond Pictures

David Almond Pictures

Facts about David Almond 3: the early life of Almond

In 1951, Almond was born in Newcastle upon Tyne. He spent the childhood time living in a mining town called Felling.

Facts about David Almond 4: the family life

His mother was a shorthand typist. His father worked as an office manager. Almond had a brother and four sisters.

David Almond Images

David Almond Images

Facts about David Almond 5: the dream of Almond

Almond wanted to become a writer since he was a child. He stated that he passed the childhood in sadness and joy.  He was sad due to the death of his father and sister.

Facts about David Almond 6: the education of Almond

Almond was enrolled to University of East Anglia and Newcastle Polytechnic. Then he worked as a teacher after graduation from the university.

David Almond Facts

David Almond Facts

Facts about David Almond 7: writing

Almond decided to focus more on writing after he relocated in Norfolk. He had two jobs when returning to Newcastle. He became a part time teacher and editor for Panurge. It was a literary journal.

Facts about David Almond 8: the first novel

Sleepless Nights is the first novel of Almond. It was published in 1985. Get facts about Darren Shan here.

David Almond

David Almond

Facts about David Almond 9: the second novel

A Kind of Heaven is the second novel of Almond. In 1987, the novel was published in the market. Look at facts about Ramsey here.

Facts about David Almond 10: other works

Other works of Almond that you can read at home include My Name is Mina (2010), Heaven Eyes (2000), Kit’s Wilderness (1999), Clay (2005), and Secret Heart (2001).

Facts about David Almond

Facts about David Almond

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