10 Facts about David Attenborough

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Facts about David Attenborough tell you about the English naturalist and broadcaster. He was born on 8th May 1926. Attenborough collaborated with BBC Natural History Unit to do survey on the plant and animal life on Earth. Attenborough was recognized as the presenter and writer of Life series. At BBC, he was senior manager. In 1960s and 1970s, he became a controller for BBC Two and director programming for BBC Television. Check other interesting facts about Attenborough below:

Facts about David Attenborough 1: BAFTAs for programmes

Attenborough was the winner for programs in 3D, HD, colour and black and white in BAFTAs.

Facts about David Attenborough 2: a national treasure

The people in Britain call him as a national treasure. But he is not ready to accept the term attached to him.

David Attenborough Facts

David Attenborough Facts

Facts about David Attenborough 3: a UK-wide vote

During a UK-wide vote, Attenborough was included in the list of 100 Greatest Britons in 2002.

Facts about David Attenborough 4: brother

Richard Attenborough is the older brother of Richard Attenborough. Richard is an actor, producer and director. John Attenborough is the younger brother of David. He is a motor executive.

David Attenborough Images

David Attenborough Images

Facts about David Attenborough 5: the popularity

Attenborough is very popular because he contributes to the wildlife filmmaking and broadcasting. People call him as the greatest broadcaster and the great communicator.

Facts about David Attenborough 6: the honorary degrees

Do you know that Attenborough has earned 32 honorary degrees from British universities as of January 2013?

 David Attenborough Pic

David Attenborough Pic

Facts about David Attenborough 7: Open University

Open University and Attenborough had worked together. There is no need to wonder that Attenborough has a close relationship with the university. Open University honoured Attenborough in 1980.

Facts about David Attenborough 8: the honorary Doctor of Science awards

In 1988, Attenborough got an honorary Doctor of Science award from University of Oxford. In 1984, he was awarded with the same award from University of Cambridge. Check facts about Daredevil here.

Facts about David Attenborough

Facts about David Attenborough

Facts about David Attenborough 9: Honorary Fellow

There are various universities and colleges which give Attenborough Honorary Fellow. Those include the Society of Antiquaries, the Linnean Society and the Zoological Society of London.

Facts about David Attenborough 10: an Honorary Doctorate

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University gave Attenborough an honorary doctorate in 2010. Get facts about Dark Soul here.

David Attenborough Pictures

David Attenborough Pictures

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