10 Facts about David Bailey

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Facts about David Bailey inform the readers with the famous English fashion and portrait photographer. He was born in Leytonstone East London on January 2nd, 1938. His full name is David Royston Bailey. His mother was a machinist, Sharon. His father was a tailor’s cutter, Herbert Bailey. David Bailey lived in East Ham since he was three years old. Check other facts about Bailey below:

Facts about David Bailey 1: photography

Bailey loves to do photography because he is amazed with natural history.

Facts about David Bailey 2: Bailey at school

When he was at school, Bailey faced difficulty due to his undiagnosed dyslexia. He was enrolled at Clark’s College in Ilford. It was a private school. Compared to the basic council school, Bailey learned less.

David Bailey Work

David Bailey Work

Facts about David Bailey 3: dyspraxia

Bailey also experienced dyspraxia which affected his motor skill. That’s why he did not do well at school. He only came to the school 33 times in a year.

Facts about David Bailey 4: leaving the school

When Bailey was 15 years old, he decided to leave the school. The fist job for him was as a copy boy. Then he ran from one dead end job into another.

David Bailey Portrait

David Bailey Portrait

Facts about David Bailey 5: National Service

In 1956, Bailey had his National Service. In 1957, he was in Singapore to serve for the Royal Air Force.

Facts about David Bailey 6: photography

He bought a Canon rangefinder camera after he decided to focus on photography as his career. Due to his bad school record, Bailey was not accepted at London College of Printing. But David Ollins appointed him as his second assistant.

Jude Law By David Bailey

Jude Law By David Bailey

Facts about David Bailey 7: the wage

Bailey was paid £3.50 per week as the second assistant. Then he worked for John French studio as the photographic assistant in 1959. He worked at John Cole’s Studio Five in May 1960 as a photographer. Later in that year, Vogue magazine contracted him as a fashion photographer. Find facts about Constantin Stanislavski here.

Facts about David Bailey 8: the celebrity photographers

Bailey rose as one of the celebrity photographers along with Brian Duffy and Terence Donovan. All of them interacted and socialized with musicians and actors.

David Bailey's Photo

David Bailey’s Photo

Facts about David Bailey 9: Blowup (1966)

Have you watched Blowup (1966) before? It was a movie which described a London fashion photographer. Michelangelo Antonioni was the director of the movie. Get facts about Cory Monteith here.

Facts about David Bailey 10: as a director

Bailey also worked as a director for documentaries and TV commercials since 1966.

Facts about David Bailey

Facts about David Bailey

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