10 Facts about David Barkley

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Facts about David Barkley tell you about a U.S. army private who amazed the people with his heroic action. Barkley was born on 31st March 1899 and died on 9th November 1918.  His full name was David Bennes Barkley. People often call him as David B. Barkeley Cantu. He participated in the first world war in France which made him earned a Medal of Honor posthumously. Let’s check other interesting facts about Barkley below:

Facts about David Barkley 1: the mission

During the First World War, Barkley had a scouting mission and he finished the mission successfully. This job was very dangerous since he had to go to behind the enemy line. He went to the Meuse River and swam. But Barkley drowned.

Facts about David Barkley 2: the place of birth and early life

His parents were Jose and Antonia Barkley. His father was a Mexican-American. The place of birth of David was in Laredo, Webb County.

David Barkley Facts

David Barkley Facts

Facts about David Barkley 3: an army

During the Great War in United States, Barkley joined the Army. Since he did not want to be segregated, he used the Anglo name of his father.

Facts about David Barkley 4: the dangerous mission of Barkley

The mission during the war was to get the information about the deployment and strength of the troops behind the German lines. Therefore, Barkley and Sergeant M. Waldo Hatler had to swim in Meuse River. In the army, Barkley was included in 89th Division in France. Check facts about combat here.

David Barkley Image

David Barkley Image

Facts about David Barkley 5: the death of Barkley

Barkley and Hatler were successful gathering the needed information. But Barkley died because he was seized with cramps. It made him drown.

Facts about David Barkley 6: the important information

The important information for army was sent back to the unit since Sergeant Hatler was alive. Get facts about conflict in Afghanistan here.

David Barkley Pictures

David Barkley Pictures

Facts about David Barkley 7: Medal of Honor

Due the brave action, Barkley earned a Medal of Honor. During the First World War, there were three Texas who received a Medal of Honor and Barkley was one of them.

Facts about David Barkley 8: other awards

In Italy, Barkley was awarded with the Croce al Merito di Guerra, while he also received Croix de Guerre from France.

Facts about David Barkley

Facts about David Barkley

Facts about David Barkley 9: the burial of Barkley

The burial of Barkley is located at San Antonio National Cemetery.

Facts about David Barkley 10: an elementary school

To honor Barkley, there was an elementary school named after him in San Antonio, Texas in 1921.

David Barkley Pic

David Barkley Pic

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