10 Facts about David Beckham

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If you want to know more about one of the notable former football players in the world, read Facts about David Beckham. He was born on May 2nd, 1975. His full name is David Robert Joseph Beckham. Beckham was signed by various top notched football clubs in the world like Real Madrid, Manchester United, LA Galaxy, Preston North End, Paris Saint-German and Milan. He also became a player in the national team of England. Let’s check other interesting facts about Beckham below:

Facts about David Beckham 1: the retirement

Beckham had his career as a professional football player for 20 years. He decided to retire in May 2013.

Facts about David Beckham 2: the league titles

Beckham played football for various clubs in the world. There is no need to wonder that he became the first English player who earned the league title in United States, England, France and Spain.

David Beckham Facts

David Beckham Facts

Facts about David Beckham 3: the beginning of Beckham’s career

The professional career of Beckham began when he played for Manchester United. He was 17 years old when he made the first team debut with the club in 1992.

Facts about David Beckham 4: the record with Manchester United

Beckham had a wonderful record when he played for Manchester United. The football club earned the UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup twice and six time titles in the Premier League.

David Beckham Pic

David Beckham Pic

Facts about David Beckham 5: the greatest living football player

Beckham is included in the 100 list of the greatest living players in the world by FIFA in 2004. During FIFA World Player of the Year, Beckham earned the runner up position twice.

Facts about David Beckham 6: the play style

Beckham had an amazing playing style. He was recognized due to his bending free kicks, crossing ability and range of passing.

David Beckham Pictures

David Beckham Pictures

Facts about David Beckham 7: Real Madrid

Beckham moved to Real Madrid and played for the team for four seasons. During the final season with Real Madrid, he won the La Liga championship. Get facts about Chelsea here.

Facts about David Beckham 8: LA Galaxy

Beckham went to LA Galaxy after he left Real Madrid. This Major League Soccer club signed him for five years in July 2007.

David Beckham

David Beckham

Facts about David Beckham 9: the income of Beckham

Beckham took the title as the highest paid player in the world in 2013 for he collected more than $50 million. Get facts about Dan Carter here.

Facts about David Beckham 10: personal life

Since 1999, Beckham and Victoria has been married. Both are blessed with four kids.

Facts about David Beckham

Facts about David Beckham

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