10 Facts about David Blaine

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Look at the interesting Facts about David Blaine if you want to know more about the famous American illusionist and magician. He was born David Blaine White but he uses David Blaine as his stage name. The birth date of Blaine was on 4th April 1973. The people also recognize him as an endurance artist. There were several world records that Blaine broke. There is no need to wonder that he has been called as one of the high profile endurance artists in the world. Here are other interesting facts about David Blaine to note:

Facts about David Blaine 1: Street Magic

Street Magic is considered as the first television special of David Blaine. It is considered as the biggest breakthrough in his career because people loved it so much. Check facts about Dave Chappelle here.

Facts about David Blaine 2: the reactions of the audiences

The reactions of the audiences are considered as the most important thing for Blaine. Therefore, he revolutionizes the magic to attract more audiences.

David Blaine Images

David Blaine Images

Facts about David Blaine 3: watching the audiences

In most cases, the TV shows focus on the performer. But Blaine’s shows are different for he makes the camera focus more on the audiences. Look at facts about Darren Chester here.

Facts about David Blaine 4: the early life

His father was a veteran of Vietnam War named William Perez. His mother was a school teacher. Her name was Patrice Maureen White. The birthplace of Blaine was in Brooklyn, New York.

David Blaine

David Blaine

Facts about David Blaine 5: the interest

Blaine developed his interest on magic after he saw a performance of a magician in the subway.

Facts about David Blaine 6: how was Blaine raised?

His single mother raised him alone. His mother married John Bukalo when Blaine was 10 years old. The family relocated to Little Falls, New Jersey.

David Blaine Pictures

David Blaine Pictures

Facts about David Blaine 7: moving to New York

Blaine decided to live in Manhattan, New York and left New Jersey when he was 17 years old.

Facts about David Blaine 8: the first TV special

The first TV special for Blaine was entitled David Blaine: Street Magic. NBC aired the special on 19th May 1997.

David Blaine Pic

David Blaine Pic

Facts about David Blaine 9: Magic Man

You can also see the performance of Blaine in Magic Man. He interacted with many pedestrians in different cities such as San Francisco, New York City, and Dallas.

Facts about David Blaine 10: the stunts

There are many stunts that Blaine has conducted. He was buried alive in a tank of water in New York City.

Facts about David Blaine

Facts about David Blaine

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