10 Facts about David Calcutt

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Facts about David Calcutt inform the people with the famous novelist, poet and playwright. He works for BBC radio. Calcutt also creates various plays for community theatre and professionals. The Hunt for the Great Bear is considered as the latest novel of Calcutt. Now he still finds a publisher or an agent. Here are other interesting facts about Calcutt:

Facts about David Calcutt 1: the novels of Calcutt

Let’s find out the notable novels of Calcutt. One of them is Robin Hood. Barefoot Books published the novel. Another novel of Calcutt is Shadow Bringer. Oxford University Press published the novel.

Facts about David Calcutt 2: plays

Calcutt is also a playwright. Oxford also published some of his plays. Those included adaptation of Dracula and Beowulf. He also wrote The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty and Salem. Get facts about Deborah Ellis here.

David Calcutt Facts

David Calcutt Facts

Facts about David Calcutt 3: poetry

Calcutt is also a poet. There are various magazines which publish his poetry.

Facts about David Calcutt 4: pamphlets

Road Kill and Through the Woods were the two pamphlets created by Calcutt. Fair Acre Press published both of them.

David Calcutt Pictures

David Calcutt Pictures

Facts about David Calcutt 5: Midland Actors Theatre

Over the years, Calcutt and Midland Actors Theatre have collaborated in various projects. They worked together on The White Shining Land and Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Mothers. The former one presented the story about asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees.

Facts about David Calcutt 6: The Life and Times of the Tat Man

The Life and Times of the Tat Man is on the tour now. It is a one man play. He hoped that in April 2016, his new work The Ballad of Rough Moey and the Darlaston Dog Fight will be on a tour soon.

David Calcutt Images

David Calcutt Images

Facts about David Calcutt 7: Calcutt as a child

When he was a child, watching cowboy movies and reading comics were his favorite activities.

Facts about David Calcutt 8: the books and Calcutt’s imagination

Treasure Island and Moby Dick were the most favorite books of Calcutt. He stated that both books increased his imagination.

David Calcutt Novelist

David Calcutt Novelist

Facts about David Calcutt 9: the personal life

Talking about his personal life, Calcutt is a married man. He has three kids. The family currently lives in Midlands. Find facts about David Shannon here.

Facts about David Calcutt 10: the source of inspirations

There are many inspirations that Calcutt has from his life. But he also states that folklore and mythology also inspire him to create stories.

Facts about David Calcutt

Facts about David Calcutt

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