10 Facts about David Cameron

Sunday, July 3rd 2016. | Politics

Check the interesting Facts about David Cameron in the below post. He is recognized by the people as a British politician. He was born on 9th October 1966. His full name was David William Donald Cameron. Since 2010, Cameron has been a Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Since 2001, Cameron has taken the position of Member of Parliament for Witney. Here the other facts about Cameron:

Facts about David Cameron 1: Conservative Party

Since 2005, Cameron has been the leader for Conservative Party. This man is always connected with the socially liberal and economically liberal policies.

Facts about David Cameron 2: leaving the office

Cameron made a statement that he would leave the office in October 2016. The announcement was made after the referendum on leaving European Union.

David Cameron Facts

David Cameron Facts

Facts about David Cameron 3: the early life of Cameron

Cameron was from a wealth upper middle class family. His birthplace was in London. He went to Eton College after being educated to Heatherdown School. He also studied at Brasenose College, Oxford. Look at facts about David Ben Gurion here.

Facts about David Cameron 4: the early job of Cameron

Cameron assisted John Major, the Conservative Prime Minister when he was at Conservative Research Department in 1988 until 1993. In 1994, he worked for Carlton Communications and left politics.

Facts about David Cameron

Facts about David Cameron

Facts about David Cameron 5: an MP

In 2001, Cameron took the position as an MP. During the leadership to Michael Howard, Cameron was in his opposition shadow cabinet. In 2005, he replaced Howard.

Facts about David Cameron 6: rebranding the Conservative Party

Cameron is always associated with the socially liberal spirit. He wanted to use it to rebrand the Conservative Party. Get facts about Colin Powell here.

David Cameron Pictures

David Cameron Pictures

Facts about David Cameron 7: as a Prime Minister

Cameron became the Prime Minister of United Kingdom after he won a general election in 2010. The effect of the financial crisis in the end of 2000 marked the premiership of Cameron.

Facts about David Cameron 8: the changes

People can spot the large scale changes during the leadership of Cameron in various fields such as education, immigration policy, healthcare and welfare.

David Cameron Pic

David Cameron Pic

Facts about David Cameron 9: the policy

The same sex marriage was legalized under his leadership. Moreover, the Royal Mail was privatized.

Facts about David Cameron 10: the contribution

Some of the biggest contributions of Cameron as a Prime Minister were seen on his reining on the national debt of UK and modernizing the Conservative Party.

David Cameron Image

David Cameron Image

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