10 Facts about David Carson

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Facts about David Carson tell the readers the well known American graphic design and art director. Carson is also recognized as a surfer. He was born on 8th September 1954. Carson employed the experimental typography and innovative magazine design which defined his works. If you are interested to know the famous typography and layout style of Carson, you need to check Ray Gun. Carson is the former art director in the magazine. Here are other interesting facts about Carson to know:

Facts about David Carson 1: the place of birth

The place of birth of Carson was in Corpus Christi, Texas on 8th September 1954. He became the class president for three years when studying at Cocoa Beach High School.

Facts about David Carson 2: the further education of Carson

After graduating from the higher school, Carson went to San Diego State University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts with the major sociology from the university with “Honors and Distinction”.  Find facts about Cleo Mussi here.

David Carson image

David Carson image

Facts about David Carson 3: graphic design

Carson followed a graphic course at University of Arizona for two weeks. Jackson Boelts was his mentor during the course in 1980. It was considered as the first contact of Carson with graphic design.

Facts about David Carson 4: as a teacher

Carson became a teacher at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, California in 1982 until 1987. Get facts about Bailey here.

David Carson facts

David Carson facts

Facts about David Carson 5: a surfer

As I have stated before, Carson was also a surfer. He was ranked at that ninth place in the world. He surfed professionally.

Facts about David Carson 6: graphic design experiment

Carson began experimenting with graphic design in 1983.  Then he became a part of bohemian culture and art in Southern California.

David Carson image

David Carson image

Facts about David Carson 7: an art director

In 1984, Transworld Skateboarding magazine appointed him as the art director. He was hired because the magazine needed a different look. Therefore, he gave the magazine a signature look. The photographic techniques employed for the magazines were in non mainstream style.  Carson also took the job in Transworld Snowboarding as an art director. It was a spinoff magazine. The magazine was published for the first time in 1987.

Facts about David Carson 8: Carson today

Carson still works as an art director today. He moves his studio in New York City.

David Carson Pic

David Carson Pic

Facts about David Carson 9: Ray Gun

In 1992, Ray Gun was introduced to the market. It was an alternative music and lifestyle magazine where Marvin Scott Jarrett hired him as an art director.

Facts about David Carson 10: the popularity

The popularity of Carson was increased rapidly when the people saw the works of Carson in Ray Gun.

Facts about David Carson

Facts about David Carson

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