10 Facts about David Farragut

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Facts about David Farragut explain the information about a flag officer when the American civil war broke out. He was a member of U.S. Navy. Farragut was born on 5th July 1801 and died on 14th August 1870. His full name was David Glasgow Farragut. In United States Navy, Farragut served as an admiral after he became the first rear admiral and vice admiral. Check other facts about Farragut below:

Facts about David Farragut 1: the Battle of Mobile Bay

People recognized Farragut due to his service at the Battle of Mobile Bay. He earned victory during the battle.

Facts about David Farragut 2: the parents of Farragut

The mother of Farragut was Elizabeth, while his father was Jordi Farragut. The place of birth of Farragut was at Lowe’s Ferry, Tennessee.

David Farragut Facts

David Farragut Facts

Facts about David Farragut 3: the job of his father

In the Tennessee, his father was appointed as a cavalry officer. He was also a ferry operator.

Facts about David Farragut 4: the birth name of David Farragut

Actually the birth name of Farragut was not David, but James. He used the name David to honor David Foster, his foster father.

David Farragut Images

David Farragut Images

Facts about David Farragut 5: the naval career

When Farragut was only 9 years, he served as a midshipman. It marked the beginning of his naval career.

Facts about David Farragut 6: the death of Farragut

Farragut was interested with navy. There is no need to wonder that he still continued his naval career until his death.

David Farragut

David Farragut

Facts about David Farragut 7: the victories

Farragut gained some victories for the naval battles during the American civil war. Farragut participated in the War of 1812. At that time, he was only 12 years old. On 13 August 1812, he was involved to capture HMS Alert. Find facts about combat here.

Facts about David Farragut 8: promotion as a lieutenant

In 1822, Farragut became a lieutenant after being promoted. The first command of Farragut in a naval vessel of United States was in 1824.

Facts about David Farragut

Facts about David Farragut

Facts about David Farragut 9: as a commander

He became a commander in 1847. USS Saratoga was under the command of Farragut. Find facts about David Barkley here.

Facts about David Farragut 10: during the America civil war

During the American civil war, Farragut served for Union Army. At that time, his loyalty was doubted due to his southern birth. On 3rd February 1862, the Union gave him secure instructions as the commander for the Gulf Blockading Squadron.

David Farragut Pic

David Farragut Pic

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