10 Facts about David Goodsell

Tuesday, July 5th 2016. | Science

If you check the below post, you will be informed with Facts about David Goodsell. Goodsell is famous due to his watercolor painting of living cells. He holds a PhD degree. Now he serves as an associate professor at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. His scientific drawing is famous in the world. Goodsell develops his own signature style. Thus, the people can identify the works of Goodsell easily.

Facts about David Goodsell 1: the education of Goodsell

Goodsell followed the training as a structural biologist before he was appointed as an associate professor.

Facts about David Goodsell 2: painting

The painting style of Goodsell is impressive. His works inspire other people. Since he was a child, he had developed the interest to paint and draw.

David Goodsell Pic

David Goodsell Pic

Facts about David Goodsell 3: the education of Goodsell in the college

Even though people recognize Goodsell due to his impressive painting of structural cells, he did not choose art as his major. On the other hand, he selected biology and chemistry as his majors in the college. Get facts about Claudius Galen here.

Facts about David Goodsell 4: the scientific illustration

The interest for creating the scientific illustration occurred when Goodsell was in graduate school. At that time, he also tried to create the visuals for DNA and protein structures by using the molecular graphic programs.

David Goodsell Artist

David Goodsell Artist

Facts about David Goodsell 5: the artist and scientist

The people are impressed with Goodsell because he is not only a wonderful and smart scientist, but also a prolific artist.

Facts about David Goodsell 6: the interest as a scientific artist

He was interested to develop his skill and talent as a scientific artist after he finished the doctoral education. Get facts about Charles Richter here.

David Goodsell Picture

David Goodsell Picture

Facts about David Goodsell 7: Protein Data Bank

Have you ever heard about Protein Data Bank? It is an archive of protein structure where the illustrations of Goodsell were published in the archive per month.

Facts about David Goodsell 8: other publications

Besides being published in the Protein Data Bank, there are many other scientific publications and biology textbooks using the illustrations created by Goodsell.

facts about David Goodsell

facts about David Goodsell

Facts about David Goodsell 9: as a writer

Goodsell is also a writer for some books. All of them are related to science.

Facts about David Goodsell 10: the books of Goodsell

Some books of Goodsell that you can read include The Machinery of Life, Our Molecular Nature: The Body’s Motors, Machines, and Messages, and Bionanotechnology: Lessons from Nature.

David Goodsell

David Goodsell

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