10 Facts about David Guetta

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The following Facts about David Guetta will explain the detail information about the notable French DJ. He was born on 7th November 1967 as Pierre David Guetta. But he uses David Guetta as his stage name. Guetta is also recognized as a remixer and record producer. Gum Productions was established by Guetta and Lisa Dodgson. In 2002, Just a Little More Love was released in the market. It is considered as the first album of Guetta.

Facts about David Guetta 1: the other albums

After releasing the first album, Guetta had another album in 2004. The title was Guetta Blaster. In 2007, Pop Life was released. One Love was released in 2009 which earned him great success.

Facts about David Guetta 2: the hit singles in One Love album

There are four hit singles to listen to in One Love album. You have to check “Memories”, “Sexy Bitch”, “Gettin’ over You”, and “When Love Takes Over”.

David Guetta Facts

David Guetta Facts

Facts about David Guetta 3: Nothing but the Beat

Nothing but the Beat is another successful album of Guetta. It was released in 2011.

Facts about David Guetta 4: the hit singles in nothing but the Beat

Nothing but the Beat contains several hit singles.  Those include “Turn Me On”, “Titanium”, “Little Bad Girl”, “Without You”, and “Where Them Girls At”.

David Guetta

David Guetta

Facts about David Guetta 5: the nickname of Guetta

Guetta is dubbed as the Grandfather of EDM because he is one of the first DJs in the EDM.

Facts about David Guetta 6: the sales of his singles and albums

Guetta is considered as a successful DJ if you look at his sale record of his singles and albums. There are 30 million singles and 9 million albums of Guetta sold in the world.

David Guetta Pic

David Guetta Pic

Facts about David Guetta 7: the early life of Guetta

His mother had a Belgian descent, while his father had Moroccan Jewish descent. Guetta was born in 1967 in Paris, France. Check facts about Darren Espanto here.

Facts about David Guetta 8: the beginning of his career as a DJ

The career of Guetta as a DJ started when he played at Broad Club, Paris. He selected popular songs to play. In 1987, he recognized the house music.

David Guetta Facts

David Guetta Facts

Facts about David Guetta 9: Guetta’s career in the mid-1990s

Guetta had a wonderful career as a DJ in the mid-1990s because he played in various clubs such as Folies Pigalle, Le Boy, the Rex and Le Centrale. Find facts about David Bowie here.

Facts about David Guetta 10: UEFA 2016 official song

The UEFA 2016 official song is created by Guetta. The title is “This One’s for you”. On 13th May 2016, the song was released.

David Guetta Images

David Guetta Images

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