10 Facts about David Haye

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If you want to know more about the British professional boxer, look at Facts about David Haye. Haye was born on October 13th, 1980. In two weight classes, Haye was a former world champion. In 2001, Haye got a silver medal during the final of the World Amateur Boxing Championships. He is considered as the first British who makes to the event. Check other interesting facts about Haye below:

Facts about David Haye 1: the career of Haye

Haye has a wonderful career after he turns into a professional boxer. He also got the Ring magazine title.

Facts about David Haye 2: Haye in 2009

Haye also had a bright career in 2009. He won the WBA Championship after moving to heavyweight. Nikola Valuev was defeated by Haye during the game.

David Haye Pic

David Haye Pic

Facts about David Haye 3: the cruiserweight world titles

Haye earns the cruiserweight world titles. He shares the record along with another famous boxer Evander Holyfield. Therefore, Haye is called as the heavyweight champion in the world.

Facts about David Haye 4: the boxing style of Haye

Have you ever watched Haye fighting on the ring?  He focuses on the usage of athleticism and speed to defeat his contender on the right.  He uses the unorthodox style of fighting.

David Haye Images

David Haye Images

Facts about David Haye 5: “The Hayemaker”

“The Hayemaker” is the nickname of David Haye. He earns the nickname due to his amazing punching power.

Facts about David Haye 6: the record of Haye

Haye is considered as a wonderful boxer. There were six world champions defeated by Haye. The knockout ratio of Haye is 86.2 percent.

David Haye Facts

David Haye Facts

Facts about David Haye 7: Hayemaker Promotions

Haymaker Promotions is the boxing promotional firm that Haye established in 2008. Check facts about Dan Carter here.

Facts about David Haye 8: hiatus

Haye had three and half years of hiatus in his professional career as a boxer. On 16th January 2016, he decided to come back to fight on the ring. He was 35 years old at that time.

Facts about David Haye

Facts about David Haye

Facts about David Haye 9: Mark de Mori

He was successful during his comeback because Mark de Mori was defeated with a first round knockout by Haye. Get facts about David Beckham here.

Facts about David Haye 10: the successful broadcast

The fight between Mori and Haye was the most successful show because at least 3 million spectators watched it.

David Haye

David Haye

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