10 Facts about David Hilbert

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Facts about David Hilbert inform the reader with the notable German mathematician. He was born on 23rd January 1862 and died on 14th February 1943. In 19th and beginning of 20th century, Hilbert was known as the prominent mathematician in the world. The fundamental ideas that Hilbert established in the field of mathematics were related to the axiomatization of geometry and invariant theory. In the functional analysis, he created theory of Hilbert Spaces. Check other interesting facts about Hilbert below:

Facts about David Hilbert 1: Georg Cantor

Georg Cantor created the set theory and transfinite numbers supported and adopted by Hilbert.

Facts about David Hilbert 2: a presentation in 1900

Hilbert had a presentation of a collection of problems in the mathematics in 1900.  In 20th century, the research in mathematics was based on his presentation.

David Hilbert Facts

David Hilbert Facts

Facts about David Hilbert 3: the modern mathematical physics

Hilbert also had great contribution to develop modern mathematical physics after he and his students created the significant tools. Get facts about Alexander Grothendieck here.

Facts about David Hilbert 4: other contributions

There are many contributions of Hilbert in the field of mathematics. One of the mathematicians who differentiate mathematics and metamathematics was Hilbert. He also contributed to the foundation of mathematical logic and proof theory.

Facts about David Hilbert

Facts about David Hilbert

Facts about David Hilbert 5: the parents

His mother was Maria Therese, while his father was Otto Hilbert.  The birthplace of Hilbert was located in Province of Prussia. 

Facts about David Hilbert 6: the notable students of Hilbert

Some of the notable students of Hilbert were Carl Gustav Hempel, Ernst Zermelo, Emanuel Lasker and Hermann Weyl. Alonzo Church and Emmy Noether were some of the prominent mathematicians in 20th century in the social circle of Hilbert. Check facts about abacus here.

David Hilbert

David Hilbert

Facts about David Hilbert 7: the NAZI

In 1933, there were many notable members at University of Göttingen purged by the NAZI. Paul Bernays decided to leave Germany because of NAZI.

Facts about David Hilbert 8: collaboration with Paul Bernays

Hilbert also collaborated with Paul Bernays. Both wrote Grundlagen der Mathematik.

David Hilbert Pictures

David Hilbert Pictures

Facts about David Hilbert 9: the death of Hilbert

In 1943, Hilbert passed away. The university was restructured by the NAZI because most members of the faculty were Jews.

Facts about David Hilbert 10: the funeral

There were few people who came on Hilbert’s funeral. Arnold Sommerfeld was a theoretical physicist who attended his funeral. People recognized the death of Hilbert six months later.

David Hilbert Images

David Hilbert Images

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