10 Facts about David Hockney

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Find out the detail information about an English painter and printmaker on Facts about David Hockney. In 1960s, Hockney played a big role in the Pop art movement. He is also known as a state designer, draughtsman and photographer. He was born on 9th July 1937. In 20th century, Hockney is included in the list of the most influential British artists.

Facts about David Hockney 1: the place of living of Hockney

Hockney lives in different places. He has two houses in California. On Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, he had an office and archives. Another home is located in Nichols Canyon. But he prefers to live in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Facts about David Hockney 2: the place of birth and parents

There were five kids in the family and Hockney was the fourth one. His parents were Kenneth and Laura Hockney. The birthplace of Hockney was in Bradford, England.

David Hockney Images

David Hockney Images

Facts about David Hockney 3: the education

Before he was enrolled to Bradford Grammar School, Hockney went to Wellington Primary School.  Then he continued the education to Bradford College of Art.  He was also educated at the Royal College of Art in London. Frank Lisle was one of his teachers in the Bradford College of Art.

Facts about David Hockney 4: the announcement of British Pop Art

The announcement of British Pop Art was introduced after the exhibition of Young Contemporaries where he and Peter Blake took part. Check facts about David Edgar Artist here.

David Hockney Young

David Hockney Young

Facts about David Hockney 5: the early works of Hockney

Even though Hockney is always linked with British Pop Art movement, he used the expressionist characters in his early works of art. 

Facts about David Hockney 6: the graduation

Hockney wanted his skill assessed only based on his artworks. Therefore, he was not graduated by RCA in 1962. It stated that he had to write an essay for his final examination. He created The Diploma to protest the regulation. RCA decided to give him a diploma due to his growing reputation and talent.

David Hockney Pic

David Hockney Pic

Facts about David Hockney 7: the artistic works of Hockney

There were various art works that Hockney created such as stage designs, portraits of friends and prints for the Metropolitan Opera and Royal Court Theatre. Find facts about dadaism here.

Facts about David Hockney 8: Living in California

He preferred to use acrylic paint over the oil paint after he arrived in California.

Facts about David Hockney

Facts about David Hockney

Facts about David Hockney 9: joiners

Hockney started to create photo collages in the beginning of 1980s. He called them the joiners.

Facts about David Hockney 10: Quantel Paintbox

Quantel Paintbox was a computer program that he used to create a sketch on the screen in December 1985.

David Hockney

David Hockney

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