10 Facts about David Hume

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Facts about David Hume inform the readers with the famous Scottish philosopher. He was born as David Home on 7th May 1711 and died on 25th August 1776. He was also known as an essayist, economist and historian. Today, Hume influenced the system of naturalism, skepticism and philosopher empiricism. People call him as British Empiricist along with Francis Bacon, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and George Berkeley. Check other interesting facts about David Hume below:

Facts about David Hume 1: the naturalistic science of man

Hume explained the total naturalistic science of man in A Treatise of Human Nature (1739). The psychological basis of human nature was examined by Hume in his book.

Facts about David Hume 2: passion

He believed that human behavior was governed by the passion, not the reason. His thought was against the rationalists.

David Hume Facts

David Hume Facts

Facts about David Hume 3: the moral theory of Hume

The moral theory set by Hume is considered as a unique value by the contemporary scholars. Therefore, Hume and his theory characterize the modern sentimentalist moral tradition.

Facts about David Hume 4: the university career

Because of his atheism, Hume had bad start to enroll in a university career. However, he was successful as a librarian and essayist. Find facts about David Blaine here.

David Hume

David Hume

Facts about David Hume 5: The History of England

The History of England is one of the most successful works of Hume. It was available in six volumes.  Until today, his book is still used as the standard history of England. The book was also a bestseller. 

Facts about David Hume 6: Andrew Millar

Andrew Millar was a bookseller. Millar and Hume were friends. Hume’s History was sold by Millar in the market.

Facts about David Hume

Facts about David Hume

Facts about David Hume 7: religion

Hume was interested to write about religion. There are many scholars debated about the religious position and personal views of Hume. Check facts about Darren Chester here.

Facts about David Hume 8: the religion of Hume

He was considered as an atheist by the contemporaries. He was charged of infidelity by the Church of Scotland.

David Hume Images

David Hume Images

Facts about David Hume 9: the standard religious views

Even though the personal views of Hume toward religion was still unclear, it was believed that he still supported the religious views at that time.

Facts about David Hume 10: the corruptions of religion

Hume believed that the extreme Protestant sects corrupted the religion.

David Hume Pictures

David Hume Pictures

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