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Facts about David Klass talk about the American novelist and screenwriter. There are fourteen young adult novels written by Klass. He has also created around forty screenplays for Hollywood studio. Most of Klass’ novels talk about the crisis of teenagers. On the other hand, the thriller genre is mostly spotted in the screenplays of Klass. Check other interesting facts about Klass below:

Facts about David Klass 1: the birthplace and early life

Klass spent his childhood time in Leonia, New Jersey even though he was born in Vermont.

Facts about David Klass 2: parents

His father was Dr. Morton Klass who worked at Barnard College as professor of anthropology. His mother is an English professor and author, Sheila Solomon Klass. Dr. Perri Klass is the brother of David Klass. He works as an educator, author and pediatrician.

David Klass Facts

David Klass Facts

Facts about David Klass 3: the uncle of David Klass

Philip Klass was a notable science fiction author. He used William Tenn as his pen name. Do you know that Philip was the uncle of David?

Facts about David Klass 4: the education of Klass

Let’s talk about the education of Klass. In 1982, Klass was awarded with a BA in History from Yale University. In 1989, he finished the education at USC School of Cinema-Television. Get facts about David Almond here.

David Klass Pictures

David Klass Pictures

Facts about David Klass 5: the place of living

Klass and his family now live in New York City. The name of his wife is Giselle Benatar. Both are blessed with two kids.

Facts about David Klass 6: The Atami Dragons

The Atami Dragons is the novel which marks the beginning of Klass’ career as a writer. He had the inspiration to create this novel from his experience when teaching English in Japan. Check facts about Dave Ramsey here.

Facts about David Klass

Facts about David Klass

Facts about David Klass 7: the positive reviews

Klass earned positive reviews for his book California Blue published in 1994. The environmental issue is one of the important subjects in the book.

Facts about David Klass 8: You don’t know me

The book which narrates a story about the life of a young boy who has to deal with his abusive stepfather-to-be is seen in you don’t know me. It was published in 2001.

David Klass

David Klass

Facts about David Klass 9: the popularity of you don’t know me

You don’t know me is very popular in United States and other parts of the world. It earns him an ALA Best Book for Young Adults. The book has been translated in eighteen languages.

Facts about David Klass 10: Firestorm

Klass also wrote a series of science fiction thrillers on the Caretaker Trilogy. The first series is entitled Firestorm. Do you know that Greenpeace endorsed Firestorm due to the ecological theme?

David Klass Quote

David Klass Quote

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