10 Facts about David Lozeau

Friday, July 8th 2016. | Arts

Facts about David Lozeau will tell you about the prominent artist and author of children book from United States. The exhibits and paintings that Lozeau linked to Day of the Dead received a lot of media coverage which earned him a great deal of fame and popularity among the people.  If you look at his works, you will be impressed. Lozeau is known creating a skeleton character displayed as it was alive. Lozeau follows the movement of modern art.  His base is in San Diego, California. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Lozeau below:

Facts about David Lozeau 1: the paintings of Lozeau

Lozeau’s paintings are unique and stylish. The guitar, motorcycle and cars are often depicted in his works of art. There is no need to wonder that Fender Guitar Company and Harley-Davidson collaborate with Lozeau.

Facts about David Lozeau 2: the Kustom Kulture movement

He also follows the Kustom Kulture movement where he uses vintage motorcycles and cars in his works. They reflect the beauty of mid century American period.

David Lozeau Facts

David Lozeau Facts

Facts about David Lozeau 3: Disney Parks’ Wonderground Gallery

If you are interested to know the work of Lozeau, you can go to Wonderground Gallery in Disney Parks.

Facts about David Lozeau 4: the Spanish Village Art Center

The Spanish Village Art Center is located in San Diego? Do you know that Lozeau is also a guild member in the art center?

Facts about David Lozeau

Facts about David Lozeau

Facts about David Lozeau 5: the place of birth

The birthplace of Lozeau was in Merrimack, New Hampshire.  He loved drawing since he was a child.

Facts about David Lozeau 6: the childhood inspiration

Bob Ross and Mark Kistler were the childhood heroes of Lozeau. Both had inspired him.

David Lozeau Pictures

David Lozeau Pictures

Facts about David Lozeau 7: the fundamental learning

He learned the fundamental aspects for making perspective, shapes and shadows by watching Imagination Station TV series of Mark Kistler. Check facts about David Mach here.

Facts about David Lozeau 8: Lozeau in high school

He followed various art classes when Lozeau was in high school. The pen and ink designs of Lozeau received several awards.

David Lozeau Pic

David Lozeau Pic

Facts about David Lozeau 9: Keene State College

Lozeau was educated in Keene State College in 1993. He earned a B.A. in graphic design in 1997. Art is considered as his minor. Get facts about David Oliveira here.

Facts about David Lozeau 10: the job of Lozeau

After Lozeau graduated from the college, he became a graphic designer for 7 years.

David Lozeau Images

David Lozeau Images

Are you impressed after reading facts about David Lozeau?

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