10 Facts about David Luiz

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Facts about David Luiz talk about a Brazilian professional footballer. He was born on 22nd April 1987 as David Luiz Moreira Marinho. In Brazil National Team, he is appointed as the vice captain. Now he plays for Paris Saint-Germain. It is a football club based on France. In the football field, Luiz serves as the central defender. In some cases, he also plays as a defensive midfielder. Check other interesting facts about Luiz below:

Facts about David Luiz 1: the present club of Luiz

As I have stated before, Luiz plays for Paris Saint-Germain now after he was transferred in June 2014. He earned £50 million from this transfer. The price was very high for a defender.

Facts about David Luiz 2: the starting club

Before Luiz played for Benfica for five seasons, he started the football career at Vitoria. In January 2011, he played for Chelsea where the club earned FA Cup and Champions League.

David Luiz Brazil

David Luiz Brazil

Facts about David Luiz 3: the record in French football

Luiz get a wonderful record during his first season in the French football for he and the club was the winner of 4 domestic competitions.

Facts about David Luiz 4: the international competition

Till today, there have been fifty caps that he has earned. In 2010, Luiz had his football debut internationally.

Facts about David Luiz

Facts about David Luiz

Facts about David Luiz 5: the Brazilian national team

Luiz is also a player for Brazilian national team. In FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013, the national team became the winner. In 2014 FIFA World Cup, the team reached the semi finals.

Facts about David Luiz 6: the parents

The parents of Luiz are Ladislao and Regina Marinho. His birthplace was in Diadema, Sao Paulo.

David Luiz Pictures

David Luiz Pictures

Facts about David Luiz 7: the early career

Luiz was from Sao Paulo FC before he played for Vitoria. The club was based in Salvador. He was used as a defensive midfielder. Then he became a central defender. Check facts about David Haye here.

Facts about David Luiz 8: the official debut

In 2006, Luiz had his official debut for Vitoria. At that time, Vitoria was against Santa Cruz with 2-2 draw result.

David Luiz Football

David Luiz Football

Facts about David Luiz 9: Benfica

Benfica is a Portuguese club. Luiz joined the club on 30th January 2007. He replaced Ricardo Rocha.

Facts about David Luiz 10: Chelsea

Luiz was transferred with the fee at €25 million to Chelsea on 31st January 2011. Find facts about David Ortiz here.

David Luiz Facts

David Luiz Facts

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