10 Facts about David Mach

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the sculptor and installation artist from Scotland, check Facts about David Mach. Mach was born on 18th March 1956 in Methil, Fife. He uses the mass produced objects like car tires, coat hangers, match stocks, teddy beans and magazines to create his works of art. The assemblages of Mach’s works are flowing. You can spot the art installations of Mach in various public places. Check other facts about Mach below:

Facts about David Mach 1: Adding Fuel to the Fire

Adding Fuel to the Fire is one of the famous art installations of Mach created from magazines pieces. There are around 100 tons of magazines surrounding an old truck and some cars. Each magazine is individually set around the cars and truck to present the impression that the billowing smoke and explosion of flames caught them.

Facts about David Mach 2: Polaris

Polaris is considered as the early influential sculpture created by Mach. In 1983, the work of art was spotted outside Royal Festival Hall in London.

David Mach Images

David Mach Images

Facts about David Mach 3: the items in Polaris

The work is called Polaris because he wanted to create a life-size replica of a Polaris submarine by adding 6000 car tyres.

Facts about David Mach 4: as a protest

Mach used his Polaris to protest the usage of nuclear arms race. The work was controversial. There was a member of public who did not like with his work. He tried to burn the work. However, he had fatal burns because the fire caught him.

David Mach Facts

David Mach Facts

Facts about David Mach 5: match sticks

As I have stated before, Mach also applied the usage of match sticks to create art works. He created the smaller scale works using match sticks in the beginning of 1980s.

Facts about David Mach 6: the form of artwork

The artwork that he created from match sticks resembled the look of the masks and heads of human and animals.

David Mach Art

David Mach Art

Facts about David Mach 7: the colored tips of match

The face of his match stick artwork is created in pattern by using the colored tips of the match. Find facts about David Edgar Artist here.

Facts about David Mach 8: the performance art

He also used his match stick artwork to show a stunning performance by igniting the match sticks.

David Mach Works

David Mach Works

Facts about David Mach 9: the temporary works

The artworks of Mach are mostly temporary. Now he focuses to create permanent works of art.

Facts about David Mach 10: the permanent works

If you want to spot one of the permanent works of Mach, you can come to Morrison’s supermarket. It is located outside Darlington on the A66. He used 185,000 bricks to create an LNER Class A4 steam engine. The title of his work is the Brick Train. Check facts about David Shepherd here.

David Mach

David Mach

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