10 Facts about David Oliveira

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Get the interesting Facts about David Oliveira in the following post. Have you ever heard Oliveira before? He is an artist with unique wire art. He was born in 1980 in Lisbon. He was a graduate from Lisbon University and earns a degree of sculpture. If you check the work of art of Oliveira, you will be impressive because he focuses on the presence of optical illusion. He applies the idea of space and line. Let’s find out other interesting Oliveira facts below:

Facts about David Oliveira 1: the wire art

The wire art is the work of Oliveira. He uses the wire to transform a 2D work into a 3D work. It seems that you see the character in 3D even though actually his wire sculptures in a suspended sketch.

Facts about David Oliveira 2: where to find the work of Oliveira

If you are interested to check the work of Oliveira, it has been featured in a national art fair called Art Lisboan. The national fair exhibits different kinds of modern and contemporary works of art.

David Oliveira Art

David Oliveira Art

Facts about David Oliveira 3: the main element of Oliveira’s work

The work of Oliveira is composed using wire. One of his works represents the shape of an animal sculpture. You can only see the work as an animal if you view it from the appropriate angle.

Facts about David Oliveira 4: the photographed work

When the wire artwork of Oliveira is photographed, it will look like a scribbled pencil drawing.

Facts about David Oliveira

Facts about David Oliveira

Facts about David Oliveira 5: the education background

Oliveira was trained as a sculptor.  Ceramics is considered as his specialty. He began to focus on the usage of wire to create an artwork. It made him choose artistic anatomy for his master degree.  Drawing is considered as his focus.

Facts about David Oliveira 6: the technique

Even though Oliveira is considered as an amazing artist, he still learns on how to develop his technique for creating a better artwork. He wants to transfer of message of his work to the audiences clearly.

David Oliveira Pictures

David Oliveira Pictures

Facts about David Oliveira 7: the difficulty

If you think that working with wire to create an artwork is easy, you are wrong. At first, Oliveira faced high level of difficulty to reshape the wire and create the intended form. Check facts about David Bailey here.

Facts about David Oliveira 8: the angle

The angle is very important when seeing the work of Oliveira. It seems like a chaotic jungle if you view his work in the wrong perspective.

David Oliveira Image

David Oliveira Image

Facts about David Oliveira 9: the animal shaped wire

Oliveira had created the wire work which represents the spread wing of a pelican and eyes of lions. Get facts about David Carson here.

Facts about David Oliveira 10: the exhibition

The works of Oliveira have been exhibited in various countries in the world like Japan, USA, Turkey and Spain.

David Oliveira Facts

David Oliveira Facts

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