10 Facts about David Ortiz

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Find out Facts about David Ortiz in the below post. He is known as a professional baseball player. He was born on 18th November 1975. This Dominican American man plays for Boston Red Sox. His full name is David Americo Ortiz. In 1997 until 2002, Ortiz was a player in Minnesota Twins. He often plays first base since he was a DH or designated hitter. Check other interesting facts about Ortiz below:

Facts about David Ortiz 1: the record of Ortiz

Ortiz has a wonderful playing record. During 2006 season, he took the Red Sox single season record due to his 54 home runs. He also set a record in the World Series champion for three times and a 10-time All-Star.

Facts about David Ortiz 2: the home run record

During his career as a professional baseball player, Ortiz has created 525 home runs. On the MLB all-time home run list, Ortiz is located at 19th place.

Facts about David Ortiz

Facts about David Ortiz

Facts about David Ortiz 3: the DH record

Since Ortiz is a DH, he receives the status as the all-time leader for hits (2,120), runs batted in (RBIs) (1,514), and home runs (469) based on the history in MLB. Check facts about Dan Carter here.

Facts about David Ortiz 4: the early career

Ortiz had his high school in Dominican Republic. He attended Estudia Espallat High School. The Seattle Mariners signed him as a baseball player in 1992. Ortiz played for a Mariners farm team called Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. At that time, he was listed as David Arias.

David Ortiz Pictures

David Ortiz Pictures

Facts about David Ortiz 5: the career in Minnesota Twins

Ortiz was sold to Minnesota Twins. He was dubbed as Dave Hollins during the earlier transaction. But he wanted to be enlisted as David Ortiz after he landed in Minnesota. 

Facts about David Ortiz 6: the major league debut

On 2nd September 1997, Ortiz had his major league debut with Minnesota Twins.

David Ortiz Images

David Ortiz Images

Facts about David Ortiz 7: splitting the playing time

Ortiz had to split the playing time between Minnesota Twins and New Britain Rock Cats.

Facts about David Ortiz 8: injuries

Ortiz had to deal with injuries on his wrist in 1998 and 2001. Then he faced knee problems in the beginning of 2002.

David Ortiz Baseball

David Ortiz Baseball

Facts about David Ortiz 9: a wonderful record

Ortiz completed 125 games with 32 doubles and 20 home runs even though he had knee problem. Get facts about David Beckham here.

Facts about David Ortiz 10: releasing Ortiz

Ortiz was released by Minnesota Twins because there was no team traded for him. Finally Ortiz was hired by Boston Red Sox in 2003 until this present day after signing a free agent contract.

David Ortiz Facts

David Ortiz Facts

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