10 Facts about David Shannon

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Look at Facts about David Shannon if you want to know more about the illustrator and author of children’s books from United States. Shannon was Spokane, Washington. He was born on 5th October 1959. Now the residence of Shannon is located in Los Angeles. He was enrolled at Art Center College of Design for his higher education. His No, David! made him earned a Caldecott Honor in 1998.

Facts about David Shannon 1: the notable books of Shannon

The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza, How Georgie Radbourn Saved Baseball and A Bad Case of Stripes are some notable books from Shannon.

Facts about David Shannon 2: the illustration

Shannon is not only a writer, but also an illustrator. His illustration can be seen in Pirates Don’t Change Diapers, Melinda Long’s How I Became a Pirate,  Rafe Martin’s “The Rough Face Girl”, and Audrey Wood’s The Bunyans.

David Shannon Author

David Shannon Author

Facts about David Shannon 3: the place of birth

The birthplace of Shannon was located in Washington, D.C. However; he was raised in Spokane, Washington.

Facts about David Shannon 4: an interview

Shannon stated that he loved Oliver Twist during an internet in CLR or Children’s Literature Review with Sonia Bolle. However, he stated that he preferred Artful Dodger to Oliver Twist.

David Shannon

David Shannon

Facts about David Shannon 5: the villains

Shannon realized that he needed both sides of good and bad in the children stories. He also stated that Disney Movies had cool villains. 

Facts about David Shannon 6: the dream job

Shannon had his dream job in art field when he was a high school student. When he was reading in the high school, he created his own illustrations.

David Shannon Pic

David Shannon Pic

Facts about David Shannon 7: the higher education

After he graduated from the high school, Shannon was enrolled to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He selected political illustration as the focus of his study in the college. Find facts about David Hill here.

Facts about David Shannon 8: moving to New York

Shannon relocated to New York in 1983. The prominent jobs that he had were for the Book Review and the New York Times even though he also worked for other newspaper and magazines.

David Shannon Facts

David Shannon Facts

Facts about David Shannon 9: the first book illustrations

Julius Lester’s How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have? (1989) contains the first illustrations created by Shannon.

Facts about David Shannon 10: as a children book author

How Georgie Radbourn Saved Baseball published in 1994 is considered as the first book of Shannon. Check facts about David Klass here.

Facts about David Shannon

Facts about David Shannon

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