10 Facts about David Shepherd

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Facts about David Shepherd tell the readers about a notable British artist.  He was born on 25th April 1931. Since 1960s, the works of Shepherd have been popular in public. The people can find out the limited edition poster and print reproduction of Shepherd’s works. People also recognize Shepherd as one of the most prominent conservationists in the world. Check other interesting facts about Shepherd below:

Facts about David Shepherd 1: the renowned paintings of Shepherd

The most prominent works of Shepherd depict the steam locomotives. He is also inspired to create paintings of landscapes, portraits, and wildlife. The Queen Mother is the most famous portrait created by Shepherd.

Facts about David Shepherd 2: as an author

Shepherd also became an author after he created five books. He also published autobiography, his books talk about art.

David Shepherd Art

David Shepherd Art

Facts about David Shepherd 3: the early life of Shepherd

The birthplace of Shepherd was located in Hendon, England. Shepherd loved painting since he was a child. He was raised in Totteridge North London. Find facts about David Carson here.

Facts about David Shepherd 4:  winning a children’s painting

When he was 8 years old, Shepherd was a winner in Nursery World magazine during the children’s painting competition.

Facts about David Shepherd

Facts about David Shepherd

Facts about David Shepherd 5: the education

Shepherd was educated at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. He was interested to become a game warden when he was in Kenya after leaving his high school. But he was not accepted. 

Facts about David Shepherd 6: another rejection

Shepherd also faced another rejection when he came back to United Kingdom. He was interested to study at Slade School of Fine Art in London, but he was not accepted. However, he was blessed since Robin Goodwin, an artist trained Shepherd for 3 years.

David Shepherd Pic

David Shepherd Pic

Facts about David Shepherd 7: conservation

At the beginning of his expedition in the African Bush, he was interested with conservation. He was touched when he found dead zebras on a poisoned water hole. That’s why he was known as an outspoken conservationist.

Facts about David Shepherd 8: Tiger in the Sun

In 1977, he painted Tiger in the Sun. It was considered as one of the notable paintings of Shepherd.

David Shepherd Images

David Shepherd Images

Facts about David Shepherd 9: organization

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation was established by Shepherd. Due to his works for conservation of wildlife, he was awarded with an OBE on 31st December 1979. Check facts about David Hockney here.

Facts about David Shepherd 10: steam locomotives

Shepherd was interested with steam locomotives. He had the British built African locomotives.

David Shepherd Facts

David Shepherd Facts

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