10 Facts about David Unaipon

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Facts about David Unaipon present interesting information about a famous indigenous Australia. He was a writer, inventor and a preacher. Unaipon was from Ngarrindjeri people. He was born David Ngunaitponi, but people recognized him more as David Unaipon. He was born on 28th September 1872 and died on 7th February 1967.

Facts about David Unaipon 1: stereotype

Unaipon proved that he was able to fight against the stereotype of Indigenous Australians due to his great contribution.

Facts about David Unaipon 2: the commemoration of Unaipon

Unaipon was commemorated on the Australian $50 note.

David Unaipon Facts

David Unaipon Facts

Facts about David Unaipon 3: the birthplace and early life

Let’s find out the early life of Unaipon. There were nine children in his family and Unaipon was the fourth one. The birthplace of Unaipon was located at Point McLeay Mission, Coorong, South Australia.

Facts about David Unaipon 4: a smart kid

Unaipon was known as a small kid when he was educated at Point McLeay Mission School. He started the formal education when he was 7 years old. Find facts about David Livingstone here.

David Unaipon Pic

David Unaipon Pic

Facts about David Unaipon 5: leaving the school

When he was 13 years old, Unaipon left the school. Then Unaipon worked for C.B. Young as a servant. Unaipon was encouraged by Young to learn more about music, science, philosophy and literature. 

Facts about David Unaipon 6: returning to Point McLeay

Unaipon decided to come back to Point McLeay in 1890. He was trained as a bootmaker. He went to Adelaide in the end of 1890s. He worked for a bootmaker as a storeman. Then he returned to Point McLeay and worked as a book-keeper.

David Unaipon Images

David Unaipon Images

Facts about David Unaipon 7: the personal life

Unaipon married a Tangane woman on 4th January 1902. His name was Katherine Carter.

Facts about David Unaipon 8: Aborigines’ Friends’ Association

Unaipon was a deputationer for Aborigines’ Friends’ Association. The main purpose of his job was to gather support for Point McLeay Mission by travelling and preaching. Check facts about David Hume here.

David Unaipon Pictures

David Unaipon Pictures

Facts about David Unaipon 9: retirement

In 1959, he decided to retire from his work as a preacher. However, he was still interested to work on various inventions.

Facts about David Unaipon 10: a perpetual motion machine

Unaipon tried to create a perpetual motion machine and had worked for at least five years to complete it.

David Unaipon Facts

David Unaipon Facts

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