10 Facts about David Villa

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Get more Facts about David Villa in the below post. He was born on 3rd December 1981 as David Villa Sanchez. Now he is the captain of New York City FC and serves as a striker. Villa is always recognized as a professional footballer from Spain. When he was still young, Villa liked to play football with the older children. It made him earned the nickname El Guaje. The meaning is The Kid in Asturian.

Facts about David Villa 1: the life as a child

When he was a child, Villa sustained a serious injury. However, he was able to have a professional career in football.

Facts about David Villa 2: the beginning of Villa’s professional career

He began playing football professionally with Sporting de Gijon. After two seasons playing for the club, he relocated to Real Zaragoza. He debuted in La Liga with this new club. Copa del Rey and Supercopa de España were earned by the club.

David Villa Facts

David Villa Facts

Facts about David Villa 3: Valencia

The next club for Villa was Valencia. He was sold at the price of €12 million to play for this new club in 2005. Check facts about David Ortiz here.

Facts about David Villa 4: the success with Valencia

During the 2007-2008 season, Villa and his team Valencia were successful by earning Copa Del Rey. When was in Valencia, Villa had his goalscoring peak in La Liga. During the 2008-2009, Villa had 28 league goals.

David Villa Image

David Villa Image

Facts about David Villa 5: FC Barcelona

Villa was transferred with the fee at €40 million to play for FC Barcelona in 2010. The club earned UEFA Champions League and La Liga titles. 

Facts about David Villa 6: the final of the Champions League

The final of the Champions League is always an important competition. Barcelona made to the final of Champion League in 2011. Do you know that one of the goals was made by Villa? Barcelona won over Manchester 3-1.

David Villa Pictures

David Villa Pictures

Facts about David Villa 7: Atlético Madrid

Atlético Madrid bought Villa with the transfer fee at €5.1 million for 2013-2014 seasons. The team won La Liga. Then Villa was transferred to New York City FC.

Facts about David Villa 8: the international debut

In 2005, Villa had his debut internationally with Spanish National Team. There have been four important tournaments for Villa in Spanish football team. Get facts about David Luiz here.

David Villa

David Villa

Facts about David Villa 9: winning with Spanish national team

In 2008, Spanish national team was the winner for UEFA Euro. In 2010, it earned FIFA World Cup.

Facts about David Villa 10: during 2006 World Cup

During World Cup in 2006, Villa created three goals.

Facts about David Villa

Facts about David Villa

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