10 Facts about David Walker

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Facts about David Walker talk about the anti slavery activist and abolitionist.  Walker was a famous African American who was born on 28th September 1796 and died on 6th August 1830. His father was a slave, while his mother was a free.  That’s why Walker was a freeman. Check other interesting facts about Walker below:

Facts about David Walker 1: the injustice toward the African American

Walker wanted to fight against the injustice and oppression on the African American community. Therefore, An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World was published in 1829. The purpose of this publication was to unite the power of the African American people. At that time, he was living in Boston, Massachusetts.

Facts about David Walker 2: the importance of the appeal

The appeal was very important for the black community for it made them realize the inequities and abuses of the slavery institution.  He also called for racial equality among all people.

David Walker Facts

David Walker Facts

Facts about David Walker 3: the reception toward the pamphlet

The reception toward the pamphlet published by Walker was mixed. Some people considered it as an extreme pamphlet, while others were fearful and outraged about it. Find facts about David Unaipon here.

Facts about David Walker 4:  an important document

Today the Appeal is considered as one of the important social and political documents which reflected 19th century based on the opinion of the liberation theologians and historians.

David Walker Pic

David Walker Pic

Facts about David Walker 5: inspiration

Walker wanted to inspire the future African American activists and leaders by having a radicalizing movement. 

Facts about David Walker 6: Edward G. Walker

Edward G. Walker was the son of David Walker. He became an attorney. In 1866, his son was elected into Massachusetts State Legislature. He was one of the first African American men who held the place.

David Walker Images

David Walker Images

Facts about David Walker 7: the place of birth

The birthplace of Walker was located in Cape Fear area, North Carolina. Since his mother was free, Walker inherited her status as a freeman. Check facts about Danny Elfman here.

Facts about David Walker 8: oppression on black people

Walker still found the unbearable oppression on black people even though he was free.

David Walker Pictures

David Walker Pictures

Facts about David Walker 9: moving to Boston

In 1825, Walker moved to Boston. When the American Revolutionary War ended, Massachusetts abolished slavery.

Facts about David Walker 10: the organizations

Walker involved with various black organizations such as Prince Hall Freemasonry. Massachusetts General Colored Association was founded by Walker. He addressed the issues of racism and slavery in his public speech.

Facts about David Walker

Facts about David Walker

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