10 Facts about David Walliams

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Find out the interesting Facts about David Walliams in the below post. Walliams is known as a TV presenter, actor, author, comedian, activist and presenter. This English man presents Little Britain, Rock Profile and Come Fly with Me along with Matt Lucas on BBC One. He was born on 20th August 1971. His full name is David Edward Williams. People recognize him as David Walliams.

Facts about David Walliams 1: a judge

He has been appointed as a judge in Britain’s Got Talent since 2012. The show is aired on ITV.

Facts about David Walliams 2: a sitcom

Walliams is also an actor and author. Big School was a sitcom aired in BBC One. In the two series of the sitcom, Walliams became a writer and actor. His role is as Keith Church, a chemistry teacher.

David Walliams Actor

David Walliams Actor

Facts about David Walliams 3: Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime is made based on Agatha’s Christie novels, Tommy and Tuppence.  Walliams also took a part in the series. He became Tommy Beresford in 2015.

Facts about David Walliams 4: children’s books

Walliams also wrote children’s books. He is very successful because the sale of his books reaches 12.5 million copies. Due to their popularity, the books have been translated in various languages. Get facts about David Tennant here.

David Walliams Facts

David Walliams Facts

Facts about David Walliams 5: the writing style of Walliams

Many people compare his writing style with Roald Dahl. 

Facts about David Walliams 6: the early life of Walliams

Walliams was raised in Banstead, Surrey even though he was born in Merton, London. His mother was a lab technician named Kathleen. His father was a London Transport engineer, Peter Williams.

Facts about David Walliams

Facts about David Walliams

Facts about David Walliams 7: the education of Walliams

Walliams was enrolled to Collingwood Boys’ School in Wallington. Robert Shearman was a contemporary of Walliams when both were at schools. Check facts about Daniel Craig here.

Facts about David Walliams 8: the higher education

Walliams was educated at University of Bristol from 1989 until 1992. In 1992, he was given a B.A. for Drama.

David Walliams Images

David Walliams Images

Facts about David Walliams 9: meeting with Matt Lucas

Walliams met Matt Lucas when he had a performance with National Youth Theatre in 1990.

Facts about David Walliams 10: changing name

He became a member of the actors’ union Equity and changed his name to Walliams. There was a member named David Williams.

David Walliams Pic

David Walliams Pic

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