10 Facts about David Weir

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Let me show you about the notable British Paralympics wheelchair athlete on Facts about David Weir. He was born on 5th June 1979. His full name is David Russell Weir. During the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games, Weir earned 6 gold medals. Even though he cannot use his legs due to a spinal cord transection, Weir wins London Marathon for 6 events. He was born with this unfortunate condition. Check other interesting facts about David Weir below:

Facts about David Weir 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Weir was located in Wallington, Sutton. When he competed at London Youth Games, he was the representative of Sutton in the wheelchair athletics. He was known as a talented wheelchair athlete.

Facts about David Weir 2: the junior event

At the London marathon, Weir was the winner of junior event for 7 times.

David Weir Images

David Weir Images

Facts about David Weir 3: the wheelchair racing

Weir was disappointed with low sporting activities for the wheelchairs users when he was at school. Find facts about David Villa here.

Facts about David Weir 4: the success of Weir

Weir is very successful as a Paralympic wheelchair athlete. To reach his position now, he had to develop his wheelchair racing skill over the years.

David Weir Pic

David Weir Pic

Facts about David Weir 5: the personal relationship

Weir has two kids with Emily Throne.  Their son is named Mason. Tillia is the name of their daughter. From his preceded relationship, Weir had a daughter named Ronie. 

Facts about David Weir 6: 2012 Paralympics

At 2012 Paralympics, Weir won the 800m. He stated that the winning for his kids and he was thankful for Emily since she made him calm.

David Weir Picture

David Weir Picture

Facts about David Weir 7: the coach of Weir

Weir was coached by Jenny Archer in 2002. He was thankful for Archer became his coach due to his victory in 2002 London marathon. Weir also acknowledged her again in 2012. He considered Jenny as the best.

Facts about David Weir 8: the Weir Archer Academy

The Weir Archer Academy was established in April 2013 that he ran with Jenny Archer. Check facts about David Haye here.

Facts about David Weir

Facts about David Weir

Facts about David Weir 9: 2000 London marathon

He set the time of 1:47:11 during the London marathon in 2000. He was in the fifth place. He got a time of 1:50:05 for the 2001 competition and it made him get the third place.

Facts about David Weir 10: the breakthrough of Weir

In 2002 London marathon, Weir had his breakthrough since he was the winner. He finished first with the time of 1:39:44.

David Weir Pictures

David Weir Pictures

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