10 Facts about Davy Crockett

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Check the following Facts about Davy Crockett if you want to know the American folk hero, soldier and frontiersman. He was well known in 19th century. Crockett was born on 17th August 1786 and died on 6th March 1836. People often dub him as King of the Wild Frontier. He participated in Texas Revolution. Crockett was also a member in U.S. House of Representative from Tennessee. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Crockett below:

Facts about Davy Crockett 1: reputation

Crockett received a great deal of status because of storytelling and hunting. He spent the childhood time in East Tennessee.

Facts about Davy Crockett 2: Tennessee state legislature

In 1821, he became a member of Tennessee state legislature after winning the election.

Facts about David Crockett

Facts about David Crockett

Facts about Davy Crockett 3: the policies of President Andrew Jackson

The policies of President Andrew Jackson were often opposed by Crockett after he became a member of United States Congress in 1825. The main policy that he rejected most was related to the Indian Removal Act. In 1831 elections, Crockett had to lose because of his opposition to the policies of Jackson. In 1833, he won the election again. However, he was defeated in the election 1835.

Facts about Davy Crockett 4: the Texas Revolution

The Texas revolution was one of the important events in the history of America.  Crockett participated in the revolution which took place in the beginning of 1836. Get facts about Abraham Darby here.

David Crockett Painting

David Crockett Painting

Facts about Davy Crockett 5: the death of Crockett

In March, Crockett died during the Battle of the Alamo. Crockett is always used as a subject in almanacs and stage plays after his death.

Facts about Davy Crockett 6: the American folk hero

There is no need to wonder that Crockett is considered as one of the American folk heroes. He was heavily portrayed in various movies and TV series in 20th century. Check facts about Danny Elfman here.

David Crockett Pic

David Crockett Pic

Facts about Davy Crockett 7: the ancestry

Do you know the ancestry of Crockett? He had French-Huguenot, Scottish, English and Irish ancestry.

Facts about Davy Crockett 8: a Freemason

Crockett was a Freemason when he was a member of U.S. House of Representatives.

David Crockett Pictures

David Crockett Pictures

Facts about Davy Crockett 9: a stamp

A 5-cent stamp featuring Crockett was released by United States Postal Service in 1967.

Facts about Davy Crockett 10: the namesake

In Tennessee, there are various buildings named after Crockett. Those include David Crockett High School, David Crockett State Park and Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park.

Facts about David Crockett

Facts about David Crockett

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