10 Facts about Day and Night

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The condition during the daylight and nighttime is explained on Facts about Day and Night. The light of day is often called as daylight.  The combination of direct and indirect sunlight is included during the daytime. Even though moonlight is considered as an indirect sunlight, it is not considered as daylight. This condition occurs because earth faces rotation. Some parts of earth have daylight, while other parts have the nighttime. Let’s check other interesting facts about day and night below:

Facts about Day and Night 1: the presence of daylight

Whenever the sun is located above the horizon, the daylight is present. The experts believe that it affects more than fifty percent of earth surface.

Facts about Day and Night 2: the level of outdoor illuminance

The varied level of outdoor illuminance is spotted during the daylight. It may cause any eye pain if the illuminance reaches 120,000 lux. If the illuminance is only 5 lux, it is caused by the thick storm clouds.

Day and Night Facts

Day and Night Facts

Facts about Day and Night 3: the natural lighting

The daylight is considered as the natural lighting which can be used to illuminate the residential and commercial building. The people will install skylight and windows to let the sunlight in.

Facts about Day and Night 4: the energy saving lights

The presence of sunlight is considered as the energy saving lights. It saves the energy because you do not have to turn on the artificial lights during the day.

Day and Night Images

Day and Night Images

Facts about Day and Night 5: Sweden

Sweden is a country which has high level of sunlight because of the long extensive summer days. 

Facts about Day and Night 6: the nighttime

The period of time between the sunrise and sunset is the nighttime. At that time, the sun is located below the horizon. The beginning the nighttime is after the dusk comes.

Day and Night Pic

Day and Night Pic

Facts about Day and Night 7: the opposite of nighttime

The daylight is considered as the opposite of nighttime. The factors which determine the nighttime and daytime in each region in the world include the longitude, latitude, timezone and latitude.

Facts about Day and Night 8: the rotation

Due to the rotation of earth, one side of earth is in the shadow because of the blocked sunlight. On the other hand, one side is bathed with sunlight. Check facts about continent here.

Facts about Day and Night

Facts about Day and Night

Facts about Day and Night 9: the natural illumination

During the night, people can enjoy the natural illumination other than from sunlight. It can be from the airglow, planetary light, moonlight and starlight. Find facts about Daylight Savings Time here.

Facts about Day and Night 10: the artificial illumination

People use the artificial illumination to provide them with enough light during the nighttime. But the usage of extensive artificial lights may harm earth.

Day and Night Pictures

Day and Night Pictures

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