10 Facts about Dead Sea

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Facts about Dead Sea talk about the salt lake which shares the border with Palestine to the west and Jordan to the east. Some people also call it as The Sea of Death.  The depth of Dead Sea is measured at 997 feet or 304 m below the sea elevation. In 2011, it was reported that Dead Sea has the level of salinity at 34.2 percent. Compared to the ocean, Dead Sea is 9.6 times saltier. There is no need to wonder that it receives the state as the deepest hypersaline lake on earth. Check other interesting facts about Dead Sea below:

Facts about Dead Sea 1: the high level of salinity

The plants and animals cannot live in Dead Sea due to the high level of salinity. That’s why the lake is called Dead Sea.

Facts about Dead Sea 2: the measurement of Dead Sea

The width of Dead Sea is measured at 9 miles or 15 km. The length reaches 31 miles or 50 km.

Facts about Dead Sea

Facts about Dead Sea

Facts about Dead Sea 3: the attractive place in the world

Dead Sea is considered as one of the attractive places in the world.  The people who live around the Mediterranean basin like to visit Dead Sea. It was considered as a refuge for King David based on the Bible.

Facts about Dead Sea 4: the health resort

One of the first health resorts in the world is located in Dead Sea. The first one was established for Herod the Great.

Dead Sea tourism

Dead Sea tourism

Facts about Dead Sea 5: the products

There have been many products created in Dead Sea. The potash used to create fertilizer as well as asphalt for mummification of ancient Egypt were from Dead Sea. The herbal sachets and cosmetics are made of minerals and salt of Dead Sea.

Facts about Dead Sea 6: floating

When swimming on Dead Sea, you will float. The water density reaches 1.24 kilogram per litre.

Dead Sea Swimming

Dead Sea Swimming

Facts about Dead Sea 7: the hotels

There are fifteen hotels owned by Israel along the shore of Dead Sea. In 2012, the total revenue owned by the hotels reached $291 million.

Facts about Dead Sea 8: Jordan

You can find nine hotels on the Jordanian side. There are 2,800 rooms available on the hotels to serve the customers. Get facts about Cwm Idwal here.

Dead Sea Images

Dead Sea Images

Facts about Dead Sea 9: the presence of organism

Even though the macroscopic organisms cannot be found here, you can spot the microbial fungi and bacteria here. Find facts about Dartmoor here.

Facts about Dead Sea 10: the mountains around Dead Sea

There are various animals which can be spotted living on the mountain around Dead Sea such as leopards, foxes, jackals, hyraxes, hares, and ibex.

Dead Sea Pictures

Dead Sea Pictures

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