10 Facts about Dead Zones

Saturday, July 16th 2016. | Environment

Get the information about the area which receives low oxygen on Facts about Dead Zones. It covers the large lake and oceans. There are several factors which make the large lakes and oceans become hypoxic. The primary cause is associated with the pollution because of human activities. But other factors may contribute to the dead zones. Check other facts about dead zones below:

Facts about Dead Zones 1: the marine life

If the level of oxygen is very low in the lakes and oceans, the marine life will not be supported. You will find them suffered.

Facts about Dead Zones 2: the recognition of dead zones

The instance of dead zones was spotted by the oceanographers in 1970s. Most dead zones were located around the occupied coastlines where many marine organisms were found here.

Dead Zone

Dead Zone

Facts about Dead Zones 3: the number of dead zones in 2004

The report stated that there were 146 dead zones in the oceans based on the first Global Environment Outlook Year Book in 2004. Because the level of oxygen was depleted, the marine life was in danger.

Facts about Dead Zones 4: the size of dead zone

The size of a dead zone is not always big. The smallest one may have the size at 0.4 miles square or a square km.

Dead Zones Pic

Dead Zones Pic

Facts about Dead Zones 5: the largest dead zone

The largest dead zone may have the size of 27,000 miles square or 70,000 square km.

Facts about Dead Zones 6: the number of dead zones in 2008

There was a study conducted in 2008. It was reported that the world contained 405 dead zones.

Dead Zones Images

Dead Zones Images

Facts about Dead Zones 7: eutrophication

Eutrophication is one of the main causes of dead zones which occur on the oceans and lakes. The water contains high level of phosphorus and nitrogen due to the increased chemical nutrients.

Facts about Dead Zones 8: the importance of chemical nutrients

Chemical nutrients are very important but eutrophication may lead into an algal bloom. It will lead into dead zone. Find facts about Congo Rainforest here.

Dead Zones

Dead Zones

Facts about Dead Zones 9: the chemical fertilizer

The dead zone also occurs because of the extensive usage of chemical fertilizers by human beings. Get facts about coral reefs here.

Facts about Dead Zones 10: the natural causes

The wind changes, coastal upwelling and water circulation pattern are the notable natural causes of dead zones.

Facts about Dead Zones

Facts about Dead Zones

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