10 Facts about Dean Kamen

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Facts about Dean Kamen tell the readers about the famous American inventor and entrepreneur. He was born on 5th April 1951 on Long Island, New York. Kamen was enrolled to Worchester Polytechnic Institute. After spending yeas of his private research AutoSyringe, he decided to leave the institute before the graduation. AutoSyringe is a drug infusion pump. Let’s check more information about Kamen below:

Facts about Dean Kamen 1: the father of Dean Kamen

The father of Dean Kamen worked as an illustrator primarily for Mad, Weird Science and other EC Comics.

Facts about Dean Kamen 2: the prominent invention of Kamen

The Segway PT is considered as the most notable invention of Kamen. This product is defined as a self-balancing human transporter equipped with control system and computer controlled gyroscopic stabilization.

Facts about Dean Kamen

Facts about Dean Kamen

Facts about Dean Kamen 3: the iBOT Mobility System

Kamen rode his iBot Mobility system when he was at the White House meeting President Bill Clinton.

Facts about Dean Kamen 4: how the Segway PT works

The moving body weight will control the Segway PT, while the two parallel wheels will balance the device.

Dean Kamen Pictures

Dean Kamen Pictures

Facts about Dean Kamen 5: the speculation and hype related to Segway PT

There were segments of book which presented the quotes of the notable IT visionaries including Steve Jobs which talked about the potential of the machine when it was still under development. That’s why the object was in high speculation and hype.

Facts about Dean Kamen 6: a wealthy inventor

Due to his invention on the drug infusion pump, Kamen became rich and successful as an inventor and businessman. He marketed and manufactured the pump after establishing AutoSyringe, his company. Get facts about Deborah Meaden here.

Dean Kamen Images

Dean Kamen Images

Facts about Dean Kamen 7: another company

Kamen also established another company called DEKA.  There are various patents that the company owns. One of them is the insulin pump device.

Facts about Dean Kamen 8: Stirling engine designs

One of the important projects of Kamen is related to the design of Stirling engine.  It is a water purification system that he develops to improve the people who live in the developing countries in the world. Check facts about Dave Thomas here.

Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen

Facts about Dean Kamen 9: SlingShot

There is a movie inspired from Kamen’s hard work for fixing the water crisis in the world using his vapor compression distiller. The title of the movie was SlingShot.

Facts about Dean Kamen 10: the solar power invention

Solar power invention would be the next project of his company DEKA. This statement was released in 2009.

Dean Kamen Facts

Dean Kamen Facts

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