10 Facts about Dean Mumford

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Facts about Dean Mumford will talk about the keyboardist of the famous English indie rock band, The Rifles. The band is from Chingford, London. The members in the band are Mumford for keyboard, Lucas Crowther for vocals and guitar, Joel Stoker for guitar and vocals, Grant Marsh for drums and Rob Pyne for bass guitar. Get other interesting facts about Mumford below:

Facts about Dean Mumford 1: the debut album of The Rifles

On 17th July 2006, the debut album of The Rifles was released. The title is No Love Lost. In the United Kingdom charts, it took No.68.

Facts about Dean Mumford 2: Great Escape

On 26th January 2009, Great Escape was released in the market. It was a follow up album. In the United Kingdom charts, it took No.27.

Dean Mumford Facts

Dean Mumford Facts

Facts about Dean Mumford 3: the third album

On 19th September 2011, The Rifles released Freedom Run, the third album which took No.37 in the charts of United Kingdom.

Facts about Dean Mumford 4: the fourth album

In 2014, the fourth album of the Rifles was launched in the market with the title None the Wiser.

Dean Mumford Images

Dean Mumford Images

Facts about Dean Mumford 5: the fifth album

On 19th August 2016, Big Life, the fifth studio album of The Rifles was released.

Facts about Dean Mumford 6: the tour

In 2006, The Rifles had a tour. There were two music festivals in the Netherlands which featured the band in 2007. Both were Paaspop Schijndel 2007 and A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise 2007.

Facts about Dean Mumford

Facts about Dean Mumford

Facts about Dean Mumford 7: the acoustic tours

The Rifles made an announcement that during the fall and winter in 2010, they would have acoustic tours. There was an acoustic album entitled Acoustic No. 1 released while the band toured in 2010. The album contained the old and new songs of the band.

Facts about Dean Mumford 8: leaving the Rifles

Rob Pyne and Grant Marsh decided to leave the Rifles on 17th October 2010. The new members of the bands were Kenton Shinn and Lee Burgess. Both were long time friends. Look at facts about David Guetta here.

Dean Mumford Pictures

Dean Mumford Pictures

Facts about Dean Mumford 9: reunion

The four original members of the band like Pyne and Marsh reunited again in May 2013. They prepared for the 4th album. It was the album of the band with earned the highest position in the UK Charts at No. 21.

Facts about Dean Mumford 10: the Rifles in 2016

During the beginning of 2016 tour of the band, some new songs from the fifth album were played. Get facts about Dean Martin here.

Dean Mumford

Dean Mumford

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