10 Facts about Dean Russo

Sunday, August 21st 2016. | Arts

If you are always in love with painting and art, check Facts about Dean Russo. Have you ever heard about this painter? He has unique artistic style which impresses many audiences in the world. Russo likes animal a lot. That’s why many of his artworks feature animals. You can purchase the collections of poster canvases of Russo which feature various animals. This pop artist uses to bright and vibrant colors to create his painting. He is based in Brooklyn. Here are other interesting facts about Russo to notice:

Facts about Dean Russo 1: the deep affection

Once you see the collection of artworks of Russo, you know that the artist has a deep affection toward animals.

Facts about Dean Russo 2: the art style of Russo

Russo tries to celebrate the multi-faceted personalities of animals by combining of cubism and abstract paintings.

Dean Russo Art

Dean Russo Art

Facts about Dean Russo 3: the upbringing of Russo

Russo uses the idiosyncratic approach to create his artwork due to his background of living in Brooklyn where you can find many graffiti laden streets.

Facts about Dean Russo 4: the medium of art

If Russo describes his medium of art, he applies a love of life, vibrant colors and joy.

Dean Russo Pic

Dean Russo Pic

Facts about Dean Russo 5: a stylish home decor

The canvas work of Russo is something which can impress all people since it is made using the mural approach. There is no need to wonder that many people want to take artwork of Russo to display in their home.

Facts about Dean Russo 6: dogs

One of the most loving animals for Russo is dogs. There are many works of his which feature the images of dogs in vibrant and vivid tones.

Facts about Dean Russo

Facts about Dean Russo

Facts about Dean Russo 7: the types of Russo’s art

Russo creates a painting with at least of 10 mediums.  You can find his works created using liquid acrylics, spray cans, charcoal, oils, sharpies, pastels, pencils and wax. Find facts about David Carson here.

Facts about Dean Russo 8: the striking dogs and cats

The appearance of dogs and cats in his painting is striking for Russo is capable of capturing the expressiveness and personality of both animals.

Dean Russo Pictures

Dean Russo Pictures

Facts about Dean Russo 9: the intention of Russo

Russo creates many works which feature animals for he wants to convey and reflect the devotion of animal lovers.

Facts about Dean Russo 10:  the greatest inspirations of Russo

Art and animals are considered the two greatest inspirations of Russo. Check facts about designers here.

Dean Russo Image

Dean Russo Image

Are you impressed after reading facts about Dean Russo?

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