10 Facts about Dean Winchester

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The fictional characters in Supernatural American TV drama series is explained on Facts about Dean Winchester.  There are two protagonists in the series and Winchester is one of them. Jensen Ackles plays the role of Winchester in the series.  Another protagonist character is Sam. He is the younger brother of Winchester. Both have a job to hunt supernatural creatures, spirits and demons. Here are other interesting facts about Winchester to notice:

Facts about Dean Winchester 1: friends of Dean and Sam

Sometimes Dean and Sam did not work alone. Bobby Singer is one of them. He had a father figure. However, the angel Castiel became their friend since season 4.

Facts about Dean Winchester 2: the portrayal of Winchester character

Winchester character has been portrayed by other actors too. The elderly Dean was portrayed by Chad Everett. When he is a teen, Brock Kelly and Dylan Everett portrayed the character. The pre teen, child and toddler of Dean were portrayed by Nicolai Lawton-Giustra, Ridge Canipe and Hunter Brochu respectively. Find facts about David Wain here.

Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester

Facts about Dean Winchester 3: the creator of Dean

Eric Kripke was the original showrunner of Supernatural series. He created this character. He had an idea to create a show which talked about two brothers investigating supernatural.

Facts about Dean Winchester 4: the first name of the character

Kripke had a concept of an Americana road-trip TV series. That’s why he chose Dean’s name as a respect for On the Road. It was a road trip novel of Jack Kerouac.

Facts about Dean Winchester

Facts about Dean Winchester

Facts about Dean Winchester 5: the last name of the character

Kripke wanted to use the last name Harrison for Dean and Sam as he was inspired from Harrison Ford in his Han Solo’s character. But Kripke has to decline the name for there was a real Sam Harrison who lived in Kansas.

Facts about Dean Winchester 6: the selection of Winchester name

Finally he chose Winchester as the surname of Dean and Sam due to his interest in the Winchester Mystery House.

Dean Winchester Image

Dean Winchester Image

Facts about Dean Winchester 7: where do Sam and Dean come from?

The Winchester brothers come from Lawrence, Kansas. His location is selected because it has something to do with the urban legends of Stull Cemetery.

Facts about Dean Winchester 8: Jensen Ackles

At first, Jensen Ackles auditioned for Sam. After he read the script, he chose to become Dean.

Dean Winchester Pictures

Dean Winchester Pictures

Facts about Dean Winchester 9: the birthplace and birth date of Dean

Dean was born in Lawrence, Kansas on 24th January 1979.  He and Sam were four years apart.

Facts about Dean Winchester 10: parents

His parents were John and Mary Winchester. The demon Azazel killed his mother on 2nd November 1983. Check facts about Criss Angel here.

Dean Winchester facts

Dean Winchester facts

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