10 Facts about Debbie Allen

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Facts about Debbie Allen talk about the famous American dancer, actress, TV director, TV producer and choreographer. Allen was born on 16th January 1950. Her full name is Deborrah Kaye Allen. Fame is a musical drama TV series released in 1982. It was one of the notable works of Allen. In the series, Allen became Lydia Grant, a dance teacher. She also took part as the main choreographer in Fame. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Allen below:

Facts about Debbie Allen 1: the current project of Allen

Allen works on Grey’s Anatomy. She takes the role as Catherine Avery.

Facts about Debbie Allen 2: the early life of Allen

The birthplace of Allen was located in Houston, Texas. Her mother is Vivian Allen. Vivian had been nominated for Pulitzer Prize. She was a publisher, scholar, playwright, poet and artist. On the other hand, her father was Andrew Arthur Allen, an orthodontist. Phylicia Rashad is the elder sister of Debbie Allen. She is a singer, director and actress.

Debbie Allen Facts

Debbie Allen Facts

Facts about Debbie Allen 3: education

Allen was educated at Howard University. She learned classical Greek Literature, speech and theatre. The university awarded University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Howard University with honoris cause doctorates.

Facts about Debbie Allen 4: choreography

As I have stated before, Allen is also known as a notable choreographer. Paula Abdul was taught choreography Allen. Now she becomes a dance teacher for young people. Get facts about David Walliams here.

Facts about Debbie Allen

Facts about Debbie Allen

Facts about Debbie Allen 5: Allen’s daughter

The name of Allen’s daughter is Vivian Nixon. In Hot Feet, a Broadway production, Nixon played Kalimba.

Facts about Debbie Allen 6: the Broadway debut of Debbie Allen

The Broadway debut of Allen was marked in the chorus of Purlie. In 1980, Allen earned critical acclaim due to her role as Anita in West Side Story. It was a Broadway revival.  Allen received a Drama Desk Award and a nomination from Tony Award. Allen also took part in Bob Fosse’s Sweet Charity which made her gained the second nomination of Tony Award in 1986.

Debbie Allen Pictures

Debbie Allen Pictures

Facts about Debbie Allen 7: Good Times

Allen also appeared in a 2 part episode of Good Times. She took the role as Diana. She was a drug addicted fiancée of J.J. Find facts about David Tennant here.

Facts about Debbie Allen 8: Ragtime

Ragtime is another movie of Allen where she took the role as a lover of Coalhouse Walker named Sarah.

Debbie Allen Pic

Debbie Allen Pic

Facts about Debbie Allen 9: as a director

The drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was directed by Allen in 2008.

Facts about Debbie Allen 10: the solo albums

There have been two solo albums released by Allen. Both are 1989’s Special Look and 1986’s Sweet Charity.

Debbie Allen Images

Debbie Allen Images

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