10 Facts about Deborah Meaden

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Facts about Deborah Meaden inform the readers with the notable English businesswoman who was born on 11th February 1959. Her full name is Deborah Sonia Meaden. Before she completed a management buyout, Meaden ran a family holiday business with a multimillion pound value. But people recognize her due to her appearances in Dragons’ Den. Check other interesting facts about Deborah Meaden below:

Facts about Deborah Meaden 1: the early life of Meaden

The birthplace of Meaden was located in Somerset. When Meaden was very young, her parents divorced. Then her mother, Deborah and her sister relocated to Brightlingsea in Essex.

Facts about Deborah Meaden 2: a new family

Then her mother started a new family with Brian. She was blessed with two more daughters. Both were Emma and Cass. Deborah calls Brian Dad.

Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden

Facts about Deborah Meaden 3: education

Meaden was educated at Trowbridge High School after she spent a brief time at Godolphin School, Salisbury. She was enrolled at Brighton Technical College when she was 16 years old. Then he was in a fashion house to work as a sales room model.

Facts about Deborah Meaden 4: moving to Italy

When Meaden was 19 years old, she moved to Italy. She was in glass and ceramics export agency. After 18 months, the company failed to survive. Get facts about Cameron Diaz here.

Deborah Meaden Pictures

Deborah Meaden Pictures

Facts about Deborah Meaden 5: Stefanel textile franchise

One of the first Stefanel textile franchises in United Kingdom was bought by Meaden and a partner.  Two years later, she sold her share £10,000 on the partner.

Facts about Deborah Meaden 6: the family’s business

Meaden also took part in a family business in 1988. The family operated amusement arcade. She earned £19m of Weststar Holidays when it was sold to Alchemy Partners.

Deborah Meaden Pic

Deborah Meaden Pic

Facts about Deborah Meaden 7: ‘The Merchant Fox’

There was an online store launched by Meaden in October 2011. It sells different types of British made luxury goods. The name of the store is The Merchant Fox.

Facts about Deborah Meaden 8: Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is one of the favorite programs aired on BBC Two. Meaden took the role as a dragon from Rachel Elnaugh. Find facts about celebrities here.

Deborah Meaden Image

Deborah Meaden Image

Facts about Deborah Meaden 9: the only female dragon

On the program, Meaden takes the role as the only female dragon.  But James Caan was replaced by Hilary Devey who took the role as the next female dragon in the later seasons.

Facts about Deborah Meaden 10: personal life

In summer 1985, Meaden met Paul, his future husband. In 1993, both married.

Facts about Deborah Meaden

Facts about Deborah Meaden

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