10 Facts about Deborah Sampson

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Find out the interesting Facts about Deborah Sampson in the following post below. She was born on 17th December 1760 and died on 29th April 1827. Her full name is Deborah Sampson Gannett. People recognize her as Sampson or Deborah Samson. During the American revolutionary War, she served the Continental Army by disguising as a man. Let’s check other interesting facts about Deborah Sampson below:

Facts about Deborah Sampson 1: the military documentation

During the Revolutionary War, Sampson was included in the military documents. She was one of the few women who made to the list.

Facts about Deborah Sampson 2: serving the army

Sampson disguised as Robert Shurtleff. She was in the army for 17 months. In 1782, she was injured. In 1783, she was discharged from the army at West Point, New York with honor.

Deborah Sampson Images

Deborah Sampson Images

Facts about Deborah Sampson 3: the notable ancestry

The ancestry of Sampson was notable. By the time when Deborah was born, the family was not prominent. Gov. William Bradford’s great-granddaughter was the mother of Deborah. The birthplace of Deborah was located in Plympton, Massachusetts.

Facts about Deborah Sampson 4: the siblings of Deborah

Let’s find out the siblings of Deborah. Those include Sylvia, Nehemiah, Ephraim, Hannah, Elisha and Jonathan. Check facts about David Farragut here.

Deborah Sampson Pic

Deborah Sampson Pic

Facts about Deborah Sampson 5: the father of Sampson

Sampson was told that her father vanished at sea. However, there was evidence that her father actually left the family. He started a new life in Lincoln County, Maine.

Facts about Deborah Sampson 6: the life of Sampson’s mother

Her mother had to live in the household of friends and relatives because she could not provide the kids after her husband abandoned the family. Look at facts about David Barkley here.

Deborah Sampson Pictures

Deborah Sampson Pictures

Facts about Deborah Sampson 7: the death of her mother

After her mother died, Deborah had to live in a maternal relative home. Then she was sent to live with an 80 year old widow of Reverent Peter Thatcher.

Facts about Deborah Sampson 8: working as a servant

In 1770 until 1778, Sampson worked as a servant in the household of Jeremiah Thomas in Middleborough.

Deborah Sampson

Deborah Sampson

Facts about Deborah Sampson 9: education

Sampson was not educated by Jeremiah Thomas family even though she was well treated. In 1779 and 1780, Deborah worked as a teacher for summer season.

Facts about Deborah Sampson 10: physical description

The height of Sampson was around 5 feet and 7 inches. That’s why it is easier for her to disguise as a male in the army. Most women at that time had the height at 5 feet.

Facts about Deborah Sampson

Facts about Deborah Sampson

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