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Get the information about the international association of high school and college students and teachers on Facts about Deca. The former name of Deca was Delta Epsilon Chi and Distributive Education Clubs of America. On the college level, it is called Collegiate DECA. Deca focuses on various fields like marketing sales and service, hospitality, finance and business through the entrepreneurship, management and marketing. Here are several facts about Deca to note:

Facts about Deca 1: the importance of Deca

What is the purpose of Deca?  It helps the entrepreneurs and leaders to set up their career and education in various fields like management, finance, marketing and hospitality.

Facts about Deca 2: United States Department of Education

United States Department of Education enlists Deca as Career and Technical Student Organizations. It is one of the 10 organizations under the umbrella.

Deca Facts

Deca Facts

Facts about Deca 3: Executive Director

In 1992 until 2014, the Executive Director of Deca was Dr. Ed Davis. He was replaced by Paul Wardinski in 2014.

Facts about Deca 4: the expansion

Now Deca not only focuses on management and entrepreneurship. The expansion is seen on Deca’s program. It includes the leadership opportunities, professional development, community activities and competitive events.

Deca Pic

Deca Pic

Facts about Deca 5: the presence of Deca

The presence of Deca is not only concentrated in United States. You can also spot this organization in other countries in the world such as Hong Kong, China, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

Facts about Deca 6: the scholarship program

In 1962, the scholarship program of Deca was established. Today, there is $300,000 funded for the program.

Deca Pictures

Deca Pictures

Facts about Deca 7: The Muscular Dystrophy Association

Deca members work with a national charity called The Muscular Dystrophy Association. The members focus on how to cure neuromuscular diseases.

Facts about Deca 8: how many chapters that Deca has?

There are around 5,000 chapters that Deca has. This organization finds their chapters in technical colleges, community colleges, career centers, high school, parochial schools, private schools, university and four year colleges.

Facts about Deca

Facts about Deca

Facts about Deca 9: the members of Deca

There are around 265,000 members of Deca. The members of Deca have access to ICDC or International Career Development Conference.

Facts about Deca 10: the competitive event series

There are competitive event series conducted in Deca and only qualified members have the opportunity to join. But they can follow various academies and workshops.

Deca Image

Deca Image

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