10 Facts about Deciduous Forest

Thursday, July 21st 2016. | Biology

Facts about Deciduous Forest talk about the forest located at the middle of Europe and eastern half of North America. You can also spot deciduous forests in various areas in Asia such as in eastern China, Japan, and southwest Russia. The Middle East coast of Paraguay and southern Chile are two areas of deciduous forests located in South America. Check other interesting facts about deciduous forests below:

Facts about Deciduous Forest 1: the rainfalls and temperature

The level of rainfalls in deciduous forests is around 30 to 60 inches. The temperature of deciduous forests is around 50 degrees F.

Facts about Deciduous Forest 2: the zones

There are five zones of deciduous forests. The Tree Stratum zone is considered as the first zone in deciduous forests. It occupies the area with the elevation between 60 feet to 100 feet.

Deciduous Forest Facts

Deciduous Forest Facts

Facts about Deciduous Forest 3: the trees in Tree Stratum zone

There are various trees to spot in deciduous forests. Those include elm, beech, oak, walnut, sweet gum trees, linden, basswood, chestnut hickory and maple. Check facts about Brazil Rainforest here.

Facts about Deciduous Forest 4: the second zone

The second zone in deciduous forest is called the sapling zone. It is characterized with small, short and young trees.

Deciduous Forest Images

Deciduous Forest Images

Facts about Deciduous Forest 5: the third zone

The shrub zone is considered as the third zone in deciduous forest. Huckleberries, mountain laurel, azaleas and rhododendrons are some shrubs found in this zone. 

Facts about Deciduous Forest 6: the fourth zone

What is the fourth zone? It is characterized by the presence of herbal plants and short plants.  If you want to find out the true mosses, club mosses and lichen, check the fourth zone. It is considered as the last zone in deciduous trees.

Deciduous Forest

Deciduous Forest

Facts about Deciduous Forest 7: the seasons

There are four different seasons occurred in deciduous forest. You can spot winter, autumn, summer and spring.

Facts about Deciduous Forest 8: during the winter season

During winter, the animals which live in the forests will hibernate. On the other hand, the leaves fall off the trees.Look at facts about Daintree Rainforest here.

Facts about Deciduous Forest

Facts about Deciduous Forest

Facts about Deciduous Forest 9: the nutrients for the trees

The trees get the nutrients by having their body leaning toward the sunlight. They also earn the nutrients from the land.

Facts about Deciduous Forest 10: conservation for deciduous forest

People have to concern more with the existence of deciduous forest because the land area has been used for towns and farms.

Deciduous Forest Pictures

Deciduous Forest Pictures

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