10 Facts about Decimals

Friday, July 22nd 2016. | Mathematics

Facts about Decimals talk about base 10 numerical system. The power of ten is used not only in Chinese numerals, but also in Chinese and Hindu-Arabic numerals. Decimal is mainly used in the modern era. In the common term, decimal is used to denote numbers which have integer part and fractional part. Both parts are disconnected by using a decimal separator. In simple explanation, people use the term to call the number written using decimal notation. Check other interesting facts about decimals below:

Facts about Decimals 1: the types of decimals

There are two types of decimals. Both are a terminating decimal and an infinite decimal.

Facts about Decimals 2: an infinite decimal

An infinite decimal is defined based on the never ending pattern of the fractional part. One instance is seen on the number of 3.14159265…

Decimal Facts

Decimal Facts

Facts about Decimals 3: terminating decimal

The fractional part of a terminating decimal is defined by a repeating sequence of digit. The example can be seen on the number 7.1452.

Facts about Decimals 4: decimal and ancient time

If you think that decimal is a product of modern times, you are wrong. It has been known by the people since the ancient times. Look at facts about Coordinate plane here.



Facts about Decimals 5: decimal in various countries in the world

During the ancient time, the Indian people applied decimal computation using sand tables. In ancient China, the decimal multiplication table was employed. The Middle East people used different types of abaci to count decimal.

Facts about Decimals 6: the binary representation

The internal binary representation is applied in various software and hardware systems in most modern computers. Check facts about binary code here.

Decimal Pic

Decimal Pic

Facts about Decimals 7: the early computers

The decimal representation was applied in IBM 650 and ENIAC even though both were early computers.

Facts about Decimals 8: the external usage of decimals

The octal or hexadecimal system is applied if the computer specialists use it externally.



Facts about Decimals 9: the usage of pure decimal system

The usage of pure decimal system was traced back since 3000 BC based on the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Facts about Decimals 10: The Greek people

The Greek people also used the power of ten during Bronze Age cultures. They had Linear A and Linear B.

Facts about Decimals

Facts about Decimals

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