10 Facts about Decomposition

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Facts about Decomposition will tell about the process of breaking down an organic matter into simpler form.  The process is very important for it can reduce the waste and litter in an ecosystem. Shortly after death, the body of all living organisms will experience a process of decomposition. The organisms which do the process are called decomposers. There are animals which help the process of decomposition such as worms. The stages of all decomposition processes are similar even though they have unique ways to do it. Check other interesting facts about decomposition below:

Facts about Decomposition 1: the types of decomposition

There are two major types of decomposition. Both are the abiotic and biotic decompositions.  The biotic one is conducted by the living organism which performs the metabolic breakdown to do the process. The abiotic one uses the physical or even chemical process.

Facts about Decomposition 2: when does decomposition start?

At the moment of death, the decomposition process starts. There are two factors which cause decomposition on the living organisms. Both are the putrefaction. The bacteria break down the tissues. Another factor is autolysis caused by the internal enzymes and chemicals of the body which break down the tissues.

Decomposition Image

Decomposition Image

Facts about Decomposition 3: the gases

Putrescine and cadaverine are some gases found during the process of decomposition.

Facts about Decomposition 4: the primary decomposers

Fungi and bacteria are the main decomposers on earth. If the body of the dead organisms is accessed by mites and insects, the large scavengers also have a significant role during the process. Find facts about cells here.

Decomposition Facts

Decomposition Facts

Facts about Decomposition 5: the arthropods

Mites, blow-flies and carrion beetles are the important arthropods which play a big role in decomposition.

Facts about Decomposition 6: the non insect animals

The non insect animals also play their part in the decomposition process. Those include vultures, rats, foxes, wolves, and dogs. Look at facts about decomposers here.

Facts about Decomposition

Facts about Decomposition

Facts about Decomposition 7: the importance of non insect animals

The non insect animals play their role by eliminating the bones of the dead organisms.

Facts about Decomposition 8: the marine and aquatic environment

The Diptera larvae, crustaceans, fish and bacteria are considered as the break down agents in the marine and aquatic environments.



Facts about Decomposition 9: the stages

There are five stages for defining decomposition. Before it reaches the dry stage, it should follow the fresh, bloat, active and advanced decay stages.

Facts about Decomposition 10: the fresh stage

At the moment the heart stops beating, the organism dies. It marks the beginning of the fresh stage.

Decomposition Pic

Decomposition Pic

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