10 Facts about Deep Web

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If you want to know an opposite of surface web, check Facts about Deep Web. Some people call the deep web with other terms like hidden web or invisible web. The unique characteristics of deep web are related to the contents because the standard search engines will not index them. The online banking, web mail and video on demand are some examples on the uses of deep web.  Here are other interesting facts about deep web to notice:

Facts about Deep Web 1: Mike Bergman

In 2000, the term deep web was coined by Mike Bergman. This computer scientist used it to call a search indexing term.

Facts about Deep Web 2: the term deep web and dark web

In 2009, people linked the term deep web and dark web after the former term also became a hot topic with Freenet darknet. Due to the illegal activities associated with the term deep web, it is often used in similar fashion with darknet and dark web. But some people reject the ideas. They want the term darknet and deep web to be used differently. Get facts about databases here.

Deep Web Images

Deep Web Images

Facts about Deep Web 3: the deep information

The deep information in the internet was myriad and people missed them because they could only access the surface information.

Facts about Deep Web 4: the standard search engines

The standard search engines can only find the surface information. The information located beneath down the sites could not be retrieved. Check facts about cyber safety here.

Deep Web Pictures

Deep Web Pictures

Facts about Deep Web 5: the size

Many computer scientists estimate the size of deep web. Some of them believe that it is hard to measure because most of them are locked and hidden inside the database.

Facts about Deep Web 6: the early estimation

There was an early estimation regarding the size of deep web. The experts believe that the deep web is between 400 and 550 times bigger than surface web. But the growth of deep web is high due to the additional information included on the sites every single day.

Deep Web Pic

Deep Web Pic

Facts about Deep Web 7: the deep web content

In 2001, University of California, Berkeley conducted as a study which measured deep web. They believed that it had 7.5 petabytes.

Facts about Deep Web 8: the deep web content

The deep web content may be related to the dynamic content, non HTML/text content, contextual web and private web.

Deep Web Facts

Deep Web Facts

Facts about Deep Web 9: the software

Certain software can be used to find out the hidden content in the internet. The software includes I2P and Tor.

Facts about Deep Web 10: the deep web search engine

Some search engines that you can use to access deep web include Scirus, Deep Web Technologies, DeepPeep, and Intute.

Facts about Deep Web

Facts about Deep Web

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