10 Facts about Deepavali

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Facts about Deepavali talk about one of the famous festivals celebrated by the Hindus annually. The Hindus who live in the southern hemisphere celebrate it in spring. On the other hand, the northern hemisphere people celebrate this festival of lights in autumn. Actually it has been celebrated since the ancient time. This festival of Hinduism is not only celebrated in India, but also in other parts of the world like in Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Fiji, Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Singapore. Check other interesting facts about Deepavali below:

Facts about Deepavali 1: the significance of Deepavali

Deepavali is an important festival to celebrate because it symbolizes the hope over despair and the light victory over the darkness.

Facts about Deepavali 2: the sparkling nights

During Deepavali, the dark night will be turned into sparkling nights because the outside doors, windows and housetops will be decorated with millions of lights. Get facts about Day of the Dead Mexico here.



Facts about Deepavali 3: preparation of Deepavali

The preparation for Deepavali will last for five days. The rituals are included too.  The main festival night will be conducted at the new moon night of Kartika. It is a month in Hindu lunisolar.

Facts about Deepavali 4: the date for Deepavali

Deepavali usually is performed between mid October and mid November based on the Gregorian calendar.

Deepavali Pictures

Deepavali Pictures

Facts about Deepavali 5: the houses and offices before Deepavali

The offices and houses will be renovated, cleaned and decorated by all people before Deepavali celebration takes place. 

Facts about Deepavali 6: Deepavali nights

The people will wear their best attire on the night of Deepavali. There is no need to wonder that many people go shopping to get the best clothes for celebration. Then they will light up the candles or lamps called diyas.

Deepavali Images

Deepavali Images

Facts about Deepavali 7: prayers

The people also launch a family puja or praying for the goddess of fertility and prosperity, Lakshmi.

Facts about Deepavali 8: fireworks

The celebration of Deepavali also involves fireworks after the family finishes their puja. The family members and close friends usually will exchange gifts, eat sweets or mithai and launch a family feast. Look at Columbus Day facts here.

Deepavali Facts

Deepavali Facts

Facts about Deepavali 9: the shopping season

Deepavali marks the shopping season because people will buy not only new clothes but also new items such as gold jewelry, car, kitchen utensils, appliance and gifts.

Facts about Deepavali 10: the gifts

The dry fruit and sweets are two items included in the gifts for family and friends.

Facts about Deepavali

Facts about Deepavali

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