10 Facts about Deer Hunting

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Facts about Deer Hunting present the information about the sport hunting or survival hunting for deer. People have conducted deer hunting since 10,000 years ago. The species of deer hunted in this sport hunting are various. There have been 10 species of deer in New Zealand. Those include Rusa, Sambar, Fallow, White tail and Wapiti. Find out other interesting facts about deer hunting below:

Facts about Deer Hunting 1: a pest

Deer was considered a pest if the population of this animal was not controlled. The uncontrolled population of deer has bad impact on the native vegetation if the predators do not exist.

Facts about Deer Hunting 2: the professional hunters

The professional hunters were paid by the government in 1950s to reduce the population of deer.

Deer Hunting Facts

Deer Hunting Facts

Facts about Deer Hunting 3: deer hunting in New Zealand

The New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association advocated and organized the deer hunting at the national level.  Deer hunting is one of the recreational activities in the country.

Facts about Deer Hunting 4: deer hunting in North America

Deer hunting is also popular in North America. The white tailed deer is the most sought after one in east of Rocky Mountains. Find facts about deer here.

Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting

Facts about Deer Hunting 5: the mule deer

The presence of mule deer in West of Rocky Mountains is very dominant. If you are in the west of Cascade Range, you can spot the dominant blacktail deer.

Facts about Deer Hunting 6: the differences between the white tailed deer and mule deer

The ears of a white tailed deer are shorter than those of mule deer. Moreover, the former one has bigger black tipped tail.

Facts about Deer Hunting

Facts about Deer Hunting

Facts about Deer Hunting 7: losing and re-growing the antlers

In January, the white tailed bucks and the mule deer will lose their antlers. In June, they will get the antlers back.

Facts about Deer Hunting 8: the introduction of axis deer in Hawaii

In 1950s, Hawaii was introduced with axis deer. The islands of Maui and Lanai were a home to a big number of deer due to the absence of predators.

Deer Hunting Picture

Deer Hunting Picture

Facts about Deer Hunting 9: big game hunting

The term big game hunting is used to call the hunting of elk and moose. Actually both are included as deer species. Get facts about coyotes here.

Facts about Deer Hunting 10: why are moose and elk different?

Elk and mule are considered as big game hunting because both have larger body than the white tailed deer and mule deer. If you want to hunt mule and elk, you need to apply distinctive hunting methods.

Deer Hunting Images

Deer Hunting Images

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