10 Facts about Deforestation

Tuesday, July 26th 2016. | Environment

The removal forest is explained on Facts about Deforestation.  This act has the intention to transform the forest land into the non forest usage. The forested area probably is turned into residents, ranches or farms. Deforestation mostly occurs in the tropical rainforest. The forest occupies around 30 percent of earth’s surface. Let’s check other useful facts about deforestation below:

Facts about Deforestation 1: the reasons of deforestation

There are several reasons why deforestation is performed. The cleared land on the forest is mostly used for plantation and farms for raising livestock. The trees are cut down from the forest. They will be sold as fuel or timber.

Facts about Deforestation 2: the negative impact of deforestation

Deforestation has negative impacts to environment because it may lead into aridity, biodiversity loss and habitat damages.  When people do deforestation, they should conduct reforestation to avoid the negative impacts.

Deforestation Images

Deforestation Images

Facts about Deforestation 3: deforestation and war

Deforestation is applied during the war so that the enemy will not get any cover. During the Malayan Emergence, British military in Malaya applied Agent Orange.

Facts about Deforestation 4: the large scale deforestation

Deforestation occurs on a large scale due to the deficient environment laws and lax forest management.

Facts about Deforestation

Facts about Deforestation

Facts about Deforestation 5: an important issue

Deforestation is still considered as an important issue today because it has greater impact to environment and life of human being.

Facts about Deforestation 6: the greater impacts of deforestation

The greater impacts of deforestation can be seen on desertification, climate changes, global warming, extinction, and population displacement. Check facts about Brazil rainforest here.



Facts about Deforestation 7: the tropical forest

The tropical forest is the primary home of more than 50 percent of the land animals and plant species in the world. Check facts about cattle ranching deforestation here.

Facts about Deforestation 8: the cut down forest

The number of the cut down forests was spotted on 890,000 square miles or 2.3 million sq km of forests in 2000 until 2012.

Deforestation Pictures

Deforestation Pictures

Facts about Deforestation 9: transmigration

Transmigration occurred in several countries in the world like in Latin America, India and Indonesia in the end of 19th century and 20th century. This program contributed to deforestation.

Facts about Deforestation 10: global warming

Global warming is also contributed because of deforestation. The greenhouse effect on earth is increased because of deforestation. 20 percent of the greenhouse gas emission on earth is caused by tropical deforestation.

Deforestation Pic

Deforestation Pic

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